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haemeroids Lock Rss

Which i cant spell but can def feel... how do it get rid of this golf ball hanging out of my butt!!!!!! any suggestions welcome!
lol! Love your choice of words smile Either go to the doctor and get him to have a look or go to the pharmacist and just tell him you're pregnant with haemmorroids. I think they can give you some cream for it. Make sure you eat lots of fibre so there's no straining when you go to the toilet. I got one at 4months cos of being constipated. It went away by itself though (but apparently they can come back) but it hasnt yet. Good luck with your golf ball tongue
Hi there!

I used Anusol cream - rubbed it in twice a day for 7 days and it went.

I just went to the chemist and that's what they suggested. They also said I should take Coloxcyl laxatives but I am quite wary about taking those so I just stuck to good old water, kiwi fruit & muesli!

Not to sound disgusting, but if you use it, make sure you use sanitary pads because the cream does 'stay with you'!!

Hope this helps and that they clear up for you xxx


Epsom salts works well but I'm not sure how they are for pregnant women so check with the chemist first. Stir those into warm water that covers the bottom of a bathtub and sit in it for a while. Also using the new toilet paper that has come out or even baby wipes when you go to the girls room can help out. I find that metamucil helps too - again check first about taking it though.

Good luck - they are no fun!!

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