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I'm Pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

Hi every one,
I am a week late & had been feeling abit odd. We did a test this morning & came up with 2 very dark lines straight away.
This may sound silly, but I already have a bit of a tummy. Going to the doctors on Thursday night to confirm every thing.
I am so excited. We estimated the due date is aroung th 25th January, Ben is born on the 20th janur\ary 2005 & hubby is the 24th January.
LOve LIz
Good luck to every one

Liz, Vic, Ben 20/1/2005 #2 due 25/01/2007

Congratulations Liz. All the best for a smooth, uneventful, glowing pregnancy!

It is so exciting when you see those positive lines on the test!
All the best with your pregnancy and hopefully you don't get bad morning sickness!


hey liz congratulations! im due on the 26th Jan 06 so the same time and i have a DD that was born 8th Septamber 2005 and i am showing also i cant do the top button of my jeans up! i just wonder how big ill be at the end, u should join us at to due Jan 07

Hi Liz,

Congrats! I did the peeing on a stick test on Tuesday and my estimated due date is 25th Jan as well, my birthday is on the 30th so should be interesting. I wasn't sure when you're supposed to go to the docs, I havn't got a regular doc, what do you do in this case just go to your local GP? this is my first and we havn't told anyone, yet we were going to wait til the 12-13 week, but i don't think I can wait that long! I'd love to know what everyone else thinks of when you should tell family/friends

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