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Sore boobs! Lock Rss

just wondering when did every ones bood stop feeling so dam sore!

im 10 weeks tomorrow and they are still sooooo sore.

when if ever do they stop hurting?



Kellie~ DS Rylan Jonathon 24/12/06 Ezekiel Arthur

Congratualtions on your pregnancy smile its the best and sometimes the longest time of your life lol.
Yep my boobs were so sore but they stopped hurting heaps after about 3months. But at about 28weeks they started hurting again! My nipples are always tingling but i think you get used to it after a while. The leaking boobs are another story lol!
I wondered that too for awhile lol. If anyone just looked at them they'd hurt. A cold breeze would send me cringing! At nearly 10 wks they are starting to feel less sensitive. I do find that they get a bit more sensitive towards the time when I would have normally had my period though.

Hi Kellie,

I feel for you, i didn't realise how sore my boobs would get, im only 7 weeks and they are killing me! they are a quite large DD to start with i hope they don;t get too much bigger?? my partner only has to look at them and i scream DONT YOU DARE TOUCH, poor bugger lol!
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