Hi Girls,

Since i was 6 weeks pregnant my partners Mum hasn't liked the idea of me or our Bub. When my partner told her about the baby she was so upset with us she didnt talk to us for nearly 2 months! And said that the baby isnt allowed to call her "Nanna", it has to call her "Mrs Hudson"! Anyways, since then she started talking to us again, and even started talking to me about her pregnancies etc! Then we decided we would get Engaged instead of married right now, coz i only have 7 weeks left and i dont feel up to it right now and that we'd both love to have our lil girl as our flower girl at our wedding. We told her about the Enagagement and even picked the date to suit her, and she even insisted to help with the catering and brought us a brang new car for our present! But ever since Saturday (when the Engagement party was) she hasnt said a word to either of us and refuses to answer her mobile when we call or return any calls!I know she doesnt like me, she's already told us that, and that ive changed my partner and that ive ruined his life and that she thinks we wont last together so we may as well end it now even with Bub on the way!
How can she be so into it one minute nad so resentful another??? It really upsets me and my partner. im always respectful and polite etc to her, but she changes every 5 mins!
What do i do to help my partner not be so miserable when shes like this and help her to accept us and Bub?