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Anyone else's Group Strep B Positive?? Lock Rss

I just seem to be one of those people who are always in the small percentage of people. My Group Strep B Swap came back positive, although only slight traces, and while Doc said this is a perfectly fine bacteria to have, it just means I need antibiotics in labour. Has anyone else's come back positive or has anyone actually given birth having to have the antibiotics for it? I feel all alone because none of my friends had it. The doc said only about 20% of people get it. I always seem to be in that low percentage!!

Look forward to any advice/stories


I had Group Strep B positive in my last pregnancy, never had it with my 1st but it did show up positive last pregnancy but it didn't really mean to much for me as I was having a C-Section anyway so I didnt' need anything, its only if you are going natural labour they worry more and give you the antibotics. But I think you'll find there is a few ladies around that have had this as I know a few of my friends have.

I had it with my first. I was given the antibiotics through a drip ( I was induced so already had a drip in place). Normally I think though, that they put the needle bit in your hand and then only connect it to the drip when it is time to give the antibiotics to you. I was given antibiotics every 4 hours. This means that you still have freedom to move throughout the labour. I havent had my test for this pregnancy yet, but I am assuming it will come back positive again.

Hope this made sense.
Hi MandasFirstBaby..
I seem to be in the same boat as you. I found out yesterday that my swab also came back positive. My widwife told me as soon as I go into labour that I would have a drip with antibiotics attached to the back of my hand with a candula, so I can still have an active birth. I would also like to hear of other womens experiences especially if they had complications with their bubs once they were born.
I only have 10 more days till my EDD!!

1st time mummy to baby Taylan born 27/05/06..


i don't wanna scare you or anything but this is just wat happened to my mum and little brother.

i was 7 at the time and am now 21 so this was 14yrs ago. my mum never got tested 4 Strep B coz she had never heard of it and knew nothing about it so obviously didn't ask to be tested for it. she gave birth to my little brother and he died 10 hrs later. but again no1 tested her or him for it. so if they had have tested mum while she was pregnant she could have had the antibiotics and he would have been fine.

sorry if i have upset any1 or scared you, i didn't want to do that, but thats just wat happened.

you'll be fine when you have the antibiotics and this won't happen. and my mum is reminding me everytime i talk to her to get tested 4 it and i definetly am.

Kobie tongue mummy to Shaye 16/6/06

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