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So, so, so very tired. Lock Rss

Hi all,

I am looking for tips on how to invigorate myself. Am 7 weeks pregnant, and am so so so tired that I feel like I could fall asleep any where, any time.

I work full time in a very male dominated industry, and would get no sympathy, even if they knew, which they won't for another 6-7 weeks. Moreover, I don’t want them to know until as late as possible, so I desperately need to pull up my socks at work.

Even though I am so tired, when I go to bed at night, i only sleep for 2-3 hours and then find myself awake again, and can't settle myself for 2-3 hours, sleep for another 1-2, wake 2-3 and fall asleep again just as it is time to get up.

I have never been a good sleeper, and used to take valerian when I got really bad, but it has never been like this, and I can't even take the valerian any more.

I do a cup of warm milk and honey before bed, read a simple book till my eyes are rolling into back of my head, do the stretch and relax every muscle in the body and all that stuff, but my brain will not turn off. Can't even get myself to focus in any of my favourite mental relaxing spot (ie floating under waterfall, tropical beach etc…).

Most of all can't get comfortable. Feel that my tummy is weighing me down already.

Any ideas...please
Sweetie, have you considered that you may be carrying twins. I am 11 weeks today and you have just described how I felt for the first 10 weeks. How bad is your morning sickness? Is it worse than with your first pregnancy. I am lucky in that I am a stay at home mum so I was able to nap when my 18 month old daughter went down for her nap. I felt as through my uterus was hard up against my abdominal wall even before I went for a pregnancy test and I had the test bang on 4 weeks so I knew at the earliest possible time. Good luck with your pregnancy.

I know how you feel i am 30 weeks pregnant now and i remember how i felt at the start. I dont know what your situation is but are you on your feet all day if so a nice relaxing bath doesnt go astray to try and wash all that tension away. Lying in bed at night and giving your legs and feet a good stretch may help a little to. Just think about how lovely your little baby is going to be. Sleep is not the easiest thing to get while you are pregnant. I used to love myn but it is so hard to get comfy. If you feel as if your stomach is already weighing you down what about trying a pillow under it when you are lying on your side i found that easier to sleep now and not to wear to many clothes as you will start to get hotter as time goes on. Be patient it will get better. Hope it all goes well.
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