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"Your Glowing?????" Lock Rss

This is my 2nd pregnancy. My first baby went ok, Very sick to start with, long labour but a healthy baby.
I feel horrible even posting this subject but was really wanting to know how many people actually like being pregnant???

I love my first child and I love that I'm having another baby, but I HATE being pregnant!!!
I like the feeling of little kicks and the excitement, that we are preparing for #2, and getting to show off a big baby bump, but I really don't understand how women can say "I loved being pregnant" or saying that they have 'the pregnancy glow'.
Everyone I know says they love being pregnant. However (once again, i feel bad saying it!!) I don't enjoy being pregnant (unless little kicks and a fat belly are all they are talking about!).
I have been real sick again and I have a slight health problem (spine) so I'm even more uncomfortable not being able to take and pain killers!, #1 left massive stretch marks all over my body and I'm yet to get more. I often wonder if these few things contribute to me being able to say i don't like being pregnant???
Is there anyone else who can relate??

I agree with you... the backpain, heartburn, nausea, stretch marks.. etc is nothing to gloat about! lol. I love the movements the baby makes but thats about it.
I especially dont like the unwanted advice from everyone about what im doing wrong... it gets quite annoying.
A lot of people have told me i have a pregnancy glow but i dont think i do... i look puffy and pale all the time.
You shouldnt feel horrible, we know that you love your children as i love this little boy in my belly but im really over the whole pregnancy thing.
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