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Pregnant with twins - Assisted Pregnancy Lock Rss

After much searching and cautious yet of joining a multiple birth society I am after information from ladies who may of had or is having twins.

After years of trying all sorts of medical means we have a lovely 21 month old boy who brings us much joy (except maybe at 1:30 this morning) each day.

We thought that it would be good to have a close age gap between him and his sibling and tried IVF again. I was sucessful first go (not sure how) and at the 6 week scan were told that we had had a twin pregnancy but one hadn't quite made it.

We went away just grateful we had one!

Well wern't we surprised at 12 weeks when all of a sudden we were being told that we did in fact have twins and each healthy as the other.

That was two weeks ago and as a compulsive planner my world have been turned upside down. On top of being a compulsive planner I am also inpatiant and it is killing me having to wait another five weeks to see my little miracles again.

Ohhh and if I hear one more time how huge I am going to get I am going to scream.....

The signs were there that this pregancy was different from the last. I put it down to that it might have been a girl this time. Week ten I stopped fuctioning, I cried all the time, I have severe migranes for a week and I was not a happy camper. Also I really chucked on the kilo's with my little man and with this one I have no desire to eat and in 14 weeks have put no weight on at all.

Hopefully someone might have some advice or words of wisdom they can pass on.
hi twins lucky you i just had my second set of twins on the tenth of april this year and my first set were born on the 2 of feb 2003
if you have any questions just ask but it is the most exciting enjoyable experience ever i loved every minute of my pregnancies and they are the most gorgeous little babies ever
good luck hope to hear from you
Hi there,

I too am pregnant, 22 weeks with twin girls. My hormone levels are all over the place and I didn't stop chucking until I was 16 weeks. Due to that fact I also lost weight. But hey I'm certainly making up for that now with an ever expanding belly. I am also sick of the "oh my god you're going to be as big as a house" comments. I am still off foods and eat very little but often due to my partner monitoring my food intake smile My tiredness is very consuming and some days I don't even make it out of my pj's.

I have opted to buy two cots opposed to bassinets and will take others up on the advice of placing them in a cot together to begin with.

Twins are certainly a gift and I find myself repeating that to those that insist "double trouble"

Mummy to 18 mnth old twin girls

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