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losing weight in the first trimester Lock Rss

Has anyone lost weight in their first trimester of pregnancy?

I am 9 weeks have lost 8kgs from sever morning sickness which started at 6 weeks......not that i really mind because i was 6kg over weight (according to weight watchers) and now am within a healthy weight range.

Should i tell my GP that the sickness is causing a weight loss or what?


Clare-WA, Brodie 17.12.04, Lauren 13.12.06, Holly

Hi Clare,
I too lost between 8 & 10kgs from severe morning sickness.
I was quite concerned at the weight loss - more for the fact that I didn't want to be hurting my baby however my GP said this is quite normal for women who have bad ms.

Hope your mornins sickness has eased - I'm 14 weeks and it hasn't yet for me.

Take care!

It is common for those with morning sickness to lose weight, especially those who are overweight to begin with.
Not only are you vomiting and not eating much for a couple of months, but if you are like me, all of a sudden you realise that it is not just you that you are eating for. People change their diet to cut out a lot of bad foods. Just giving up alcohol and takeaway foods did it for me.
I have increased my exercise, cut out a lot of bad eating habits, lost a few kg's and have only just managed to put on 1kg from my original prepregnancy weight in 16wks. And i wasn't overweight to start with.

To put it bluntly, i have a fat friend who gave up drinking and takeaways when she found out she was pregnant and she ended up losing 15kgs over her whole pregnancy and another 6kg within weeks of the baby being born.

Just mention to your doctor that you are losing weight and go out and get some pregnancy supplements to make sure you are still getting a good dose of the correct nutrients/vitamins.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

dear clare,
i had no morning sickness at all or arvo .i only knew i was preggers when i was feeling dizzy like i wanted to pass out and after trying for 9mnths thought naaaaa cant be preggers but will get a test anyway.waiting for the not preggers to come up,and to my supprise i was, i phoned hubs up crying he came home said do another test so i did,yep was right. i was under my weight i first started with before my pregnacy i was like well ok
then my sister inlaw had some tests for downs and they came back positive through stress i lost 5kg went to my obbie thursday and i still haven't gained any weight and i am 25 weeks tuesday,bubs is all healthy and i am and i don't know what i'm doing but i ain't gaining weight, my obbie says so far all weight is baby.humm i say she said well u might start to put on the weight now,or maybe not i was like ok iv'e had it really cruzie so far so i guess it will bite me in the bum later (when bubs is born) good luck ladies (sorry for spilling my beans bye


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