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Help! Trouble finding maternity clothes Lock Rss

Hi there,

I'm naturally small built - 150cm and was a size 4-6 before becoming pregnant. I'm 7 months pregnant, still have 2 more months of work and am having alot of trouble finding comfortable clothes that fit and are appropriate for an office environment. Maternity clothes are too big and normal clothes that are sized 10 - 12 fit around the stomache but are way too big everywhere else. Is there anyone out there who is having the same problem? If you have any suggestions/tips I would love to hear about it!

I guess you are smaller than the average person so it might be hard? I have lovely black pants from Kmart, but these are size 16 and fit me and I am due in 2 weeks! Maybe try Pumpkin Patch??


Go to Kmart, I found heaps of clothes there and they are trendy too, i know its hard to find clothes that are appropriate but kmart has some snazzy little attires
I have the opposite problem - I'm a larger gal to begin with and yes while I can just go and buy "bigger" clothes I would still love to look pregnant, not just fatter! I am having "fun" trying to find clothes that compliment the pregnant full figure woman.

I thankfully found a new wedding dress (getting one from Ripe Maternity) so at least that's not a worry (and not a big dig on the pocket book either!).

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