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hello 2nd pregnancy mums! Lock Rss

Hi guys,
Thought i would start a thread for us mum's who already have 1 and are not 1st timers. I dont know about you, but this time around things have flown so quickly and i was at one stage forgetting how many weeks pregnant i was! Now i am on the ball because i can feel the baby moving all the time. Its exciting, but at the same time nerv racking to think what am i going to do with 2 babies!

I fell pregnant not even knowing i was pregnant! we wernt trying and my son wasnt even 1 year old yet when i found out. I actually thought i had diabeties or something wrong with me because i was craving sugar and not feeling 100% always feeling tired and going to the toilet. OBVIOUSLY did not think i was pregnant. i found out at 8weeks.

I'm now 25 weeks due sep 6th and would love to hear from other mums who are expecting there 2nd child and how this pregnancy is different from the 1st. Im still not sure if im going to have an elective C-section, but am really starting to consider it because im scared to go through with childbirth after feeling like i had it so easy (and know what to expect) with a C-section.

Also having thoughts about if im going to have my son at the birth, or what im going to do with him while having the baby if he not there. I just dont know, i have thought about alot of stuff but just not come up with any answers and am just letting each day come and go like the next.

Names is another hard thing to decide, because i really want it to not sound similar or start with the same letter etc. It has to sound like the two kids names match (ARGH gawd cant you tell im pregnant) everything has to be perfect!

Any ways, would be great to hear from some other expectant mothers for 2nd bubby. CYA - Leia -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi, congrats on your pregnancy and I totally agree with you this time around the weeks go by a bit quicker.

My daughter will be 3 when I have my second. Infact this baby (GIRL) is due on the same date as my daughter!!! I couldnt have planned it any better. Im 24 weeks at the moment, I just hope this baby comes early so my children dont have to share a birthday!

I went through labour without any drugs but then my labour was ony 5 hours and 26 minutes for all 3 stages. Which is fantastic for a first labour time. Fingers crossed I go shorter for this one because I would really like to have another drug free birth.

Im lucky enough to have my parents around the corner so when I go into labour ( depending on what time it is ) they will either come to my house or I will take her daughter there!!!

Do you know if your having a boy or girl?

Good luck with everything!!!

Lydia, mum to beautiful april + girl due 16th sept

Hi guys, I'm Julieanne and 19 weeks pregnant with my second baby.

This pregnancy was planned, unlike my first, and does appear to be going faster than the last. Although as I am no longer working I don't have people asking me ten times a day 'when are you due' so weeks pass by and I don't even notice. Most people are surprised if they find out my second pregnancy was planned as my first child is nine months old in a couple of days, they usually comment about me being busy when the baby comes, but those that know me really well, don't have any fears that I won't be able to cope. I can't wait, and having two children 14 months apart doesn't bother me one little bit.

I don't plan on finding out what I am having when I go for my scan next week, but part of me is hoping for another girl, that way I can see all the pretty little things that my daughter wore being used again. My husband is hoping for a boy and then we would have the set.

Any ideas on names? Nothing too unusual and traditional spelling, feel free to suggest.

Julieanne preg with #2

Hi Ladies,
This is my 2nd time around. I have a beautiful little girl Chloe who turned 2 on the 16th May. I am now 26 weeks pregnant and due on the 6th Sept (same as you Leia) but will be having a cesaraean 1-2 weeks early.

I'm like everyone on here...this time its different but I know why now. When I was pregnant with Chloe I was popping out everywhere before my belly. Everyone said that I didn't really look as far as I was but this time around, I'm 6 months and I look huge. It has all gone to my belly. I'm having a boy this time around!!!!!!

Leia - I am also naming my little boy Caiden just like you but spelt differently. My kids will have the same initials, I didn't do it deliberately it just worked out that way so both of them will have CML. Its cute when I think about it but sometimes I don't think its fair he he. I did want to spell it Kayden but my hubby wasn't keen on the name in the first place but it grew on him after a couple of week and I told him that he gets to spell it the way he wants then as long as I get the name he he.

This will be my last time having a baby so I have to enjoy this one. The midwife told me that there is a pretty high chance that I will be having a historectomy. I can't have my little boy naturally (just like Chloe) I have placenta previa again and this time the placenta is attached to my scar but I also had acrecia or something like that. Not good to have both at the same time so this is it. but I wasn't going to have another baby after my little boy....I'm just glad that I get to have both.

Well I should go. I am off to work YAY. I can't wait till I stop all together in August. I want to be at home with my kids and I look after them myself.

Talk to you all soon!!

QLD, Mum to Chloe 16.05.04 + Caiden 25.08.06

good morning!!!

well todays the day for poppys needles,and it lucky mum that gets to take her, yippy!!!!

anyway everyone her is soooo organised, i only last night took out baby clothes and wrote a list of what i need to buy for this babies arrival.. and i have to say that i probably only did get them out because of the dr saying next week we will induce you... my poor hubby though had to listen to me every night complain about how unorganised i am compared to everyone on here... anyway they are all ready for the wash, now i need a sunny day or we are off to MIL this weekend on the way to the shop to use the dryer..

hope everyone gets better soon, fingers crossed i only got sick once this time around and not bad that i was using the vicks rub on my back chest and feet every night before bed...

anyway better go if we are to make it to the dr this morning...
I am 7 weeks pregnant with my second, i already have a bouncing 2 year old. would love to talk to everyone how there coping.
bye for now

Kerry, NSW Maddison 2.6yrs DS due 9/2/07

Hi and congrats on your pregnancy. I am due to have my second child on the 24th of july this year. Just under 2 weeks away. My second pregnancy has also gone really quick. Hubby and i weren't trying either but i fell when my son was only 5 months old. So that will make them 14 months apart. Scary! I am worried how i am going to cope with 2 babies so young. My family says that i will be fine. Have you had much morning sickness with this one? I have had 2 great pregnancies. Would love to hear from you.

kristy,QLD, mum of 2

Hello everyone!!!

well i have good news! my little man came home today 8 days in hospital...
i worked out that poppy is 1 year 1 month 1week and 1 hour older than jaxon, i didnt think it would be hard to bring him home..poppy is taking to him really well but is very emotional, i also made it clear to anyone that comes to visit that they are not to leave poppy out as i dont want jaxon comng to the family and poppy hating it.
i forgot how small they are though, he has needed to wear premmie nappies while in hospital and now we are home he is in the newborn but they come up to his arm pits almost..
anyway i will get back on when i am more awake, all i can say is get as much sleep as you can now!! i was lucky to get a few nights in before bringing him home, i think this time i have a baby that sleeps through the day and stays awake at night...

anyway hope everyone is well,
hello everyone!!! what happened here, its been so quiet.. i thought with me not being on here that i was missing out on something... anyway i hope everyone is going well...
here at my house poppy is doing alot better with jaxon and started to give kisses to him rather than try and take hime off me like a doll, still not the best with dad having him as she is a real daddy's girl, and very jealous of that.. she has been alot more emotional lately too, not sure if its part of her teething or because of the changes..i feel also that i have recovered alot faster from this birth also, not as sore etc.
been out 2 times with the two kids this week and the toddler seat on the jogger has worked well and poppy loves being up there looking around.. it just makes the jogger feel longer(its not though), should be fun this week as my hubby is back at work. our first out day is the wednesday, could bea challange for me!!!! will let you all know how i

anyway better go before i get the'what are you doing, come pay me attention!!'

hello all
thought id jump on the wagon too as im pregnant with my second baby too due around march 2007 i think not too sure yet, waiting for first scan to be sure, my bub was only about 4 months old & i hadnt got my periods back so could be further along than i thought LOL.
Glad im not the only one with such a close age gap & yes i get horrible comments about it which sucks coz two years ago i was told i wouldnt get preganat naturally & this is a huge blessing to us.
any how glad to meet you all & looking forward to keeping in touch.

feb 06 and 1 on the way smile

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