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Mumma at 17 Lock Rss

I am 17 years old, engaged to a loving partner (and father-to-be).

I have 3 weeks to go. We have decided on the name Madison, she is due on June 18th (my younger brothers birthday).

If she comes any earlier she could be born on my mums birthday which is on the 10th, my partners brothers fiance is on the 13th, his brother is on the 17th, and my partner is on the 26th. So there is a chance she may share someones birthday.

I am always happy to chat! And welcome any opinons, suggestions, etc.

Its kinda scary being a mum so young, but as my doctor says, the female body is designed to have children younger (between 17-25).
Is there many girls out there who are having them young these days?

I know a few yougner girls who are having them young, a lot are accidents, but the joy of holding that baby in your arms in the end is totally worth it.

DO you agree?
hey sarah,
congratulations on your pregnancy!
im 17 as well and i have a 4 and 1\2 month old daughter. she is a little angel! im enjoying being a mum, all i can say is get as much rest as you possibly can before shes born, they're a handful but they're totally worth it! where abouts are you from?
if you want to chat my msn is [email protected]
anyway, take care

Hayley - 15/01/2006 Kayla - 10/04/2008

hi mumma_sarah

I am 19 and have a 6month old baby girl....

If you wanna chat email me at [email protected] and Id be more then happy to tell you anything smile

As we are both yuong... trust me it is the best thing in the world and Id do it again in a heartbeat....


Hello smile

Congratulations on your pregnancy! How are you coping? Im due on the 15th of June so only a few days before you so we're both at the same stage in our pregnancies.
Im so uncomfortable these days and just want my baby out now lol. Are you nervous about the birth? i used to be but ive now got to the point where Im over being pregnant and just want to meet my new baby. But I'll probably get nervous when I start getting labour contractions haha.

If you want to chat I'd love to hear from you, my hotmail and msn is [email protected]

Bec xo
I'm just turned 21 and due on the 19th os Sept with a baby boy (my first)
everything is going well so far I'm so excited
I wish some of my friends were in the same boat as that would make it that lil bit more fun but oh well hahaha
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