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Is it weird to name your baby before its born? Lock Rss

Hey all,

Some people name there bubs before their born and i have had people say that it jinxes the birth.

Is early naming a good thing, i mean being prepared and all.

Its not bad to have names picked out, but is it really that bad to have your bub named before she or he comes into this world?

Tell us what you think?
Not at all. I don't think there is a mother out there that doesn't spend a lot of time thinking of names prior to the birth of their child. And if they can find one name they really like then they normally decide on this name.
A lot of people narrow it down to a few options and wait until they see the baby before they officially put a name to it, but even then they generally have one option they prefer.
My opinion however, is that when a couple decide on a name before the birth that they should do their best to keep it to themselves (unless they are asking permission to use a family name). I have found that you get criticism when people don't like the names you pick and pressure to pick something else. I also think it ruins the surprise of it all when someone has a child and you have known for months what they were having and what it was called. But being pregnant is such an exciting time that often you just want to share the news with everyone. I will find out the sex of my baby and also have a name picked out, but I will not be telling anyone (that's if i can keep myself from accidently blurting it out).

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)


I dont think its weird at all. When I found out I was having a little girl I decided to give her my favourite name of Paige and thats what she has been called ver since...only 2 weeks till i finally get to meet her smile
I don't really care if no one else likes her name because Im her mum and I absolutely love the name I've picked for her. Its been really good being able to give her a name and refer to her by this name, its like it has formed a bond between myself and my unborn baby.

bec xo
Hi there

My first child was a twin so we couldn't decide on a name. My second was always 'Caitlyn Rose' from the moment I found out I was pregnant (I never found out what she was by ultrasound). My third we found out she was a girl, only had boys name picked. It was soooo hard to choose a girl's name. We then decided on Miquela but couldn't find a middle name.

I don't think it matters if you name your baby before it's born. It makes it easier when the baby arrives!

At the moment this one is 'muffin' as we are undecided on names!

We'll name her? when she arrives!

lol - I think WW3 would break out if my partner and I didn't go in agreeing on a name before the birth. We've already narrowed our options down (girl's name is for sure but boy's first name is still iffy). It's just one less thing I have to worry about on the day. My wedding is just a few weeks before the birth (we've been planning the wedding for nearly 2 yrs so bubs is a (welcomed) surprise) so I want things super organised before all the stuff goes on.

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