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Pain Relief? Whats your opinion? Lock Rss

I am about to have my first bub in 3 weeks. I am terribly scared of needles and dont want a shot, but i am thinking of an epidural. My partner is so against me getting it for some unknown reason.

I just want to know what you ladies think of pain relief and what you think i should do?
hehe this is 3rd post i've replied to of yours smile
An epidural is good but i would try the gas and pethidine first. I was told the other day that pethidine that reduce labour time cos it helps you to relax and move the baby down quicker smile I'm definately trying the pethidine and gas first but if they dont work then i might try the epidural. Im too scared of needles especially thick ones that go in your spine!! But you'll know what to you when it comes to it smile
Also you can try hot showers and baths and massages at the start to see if they help

I am due to have my baby in 10 weeks time and i am having the same dilemma as you are.
I dont know what i should use either.
I think will it affect the baby? How will it affect me?
I just hate pain. If someone could help me as well it would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou
honey i hate needles that much i scream bfore it comes into contact with my skin i am gonna try gas first, my b mate is a midwife and best to try this first as it doesn't take long to get out of the system. well thats what she said then second preferance is eppie tell hubs your plans on what u would like for the birth so he is aware, when it comes to time i'm sure he wont care what u have cause see your partner in pain is not the best look get some advice off your midwifes or information for your partner so he can have a read good luck all the best in the coming weeks


i know what you mean about needles im scared of them too. Luckily with my son i was only in labour 6 hours and magically made it through with gas but looking back it wouldve been a lot more meaningful with an epidural as i was so relieved when it was over i forgot about him. in the end it comes down to how you want the experience to be.

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