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The funny things Pregnant women do Lock Rss

Hi Guys,

I would love to know some of the crazy things that you have done whilst being pregnant, i think it is halarious as to where you brain goes when you are pregnant. My Boy is 15 weeks old now and i am not sure it comes back.
I landed a fantastic career, it was out of 50 people and some serious interviews and i got the job, finally i though i was on the right path to earning some great money THEN i find out i was 5 weeks pregnant it was Hilarious. Part of my job was on the road and i kept on forgetting where the hell i was going, my friends have left keys in letterboxes put leg wax on toast.

So i want to start up a site as to the crazy things you have done while being pregnant.

Good luck to all, and dont worry i am told the brief dimentia we are experiencing is just the beginning, My brain has not come yet i am still waiting.

he he he!
I have been a bit mental as am now 27 weeks but yesterday took the cake. Our home phone isnt working and when i called the company for help i thought the guy was being argumentative and broke down in tears to him (not that he was sympathetic!). I then spent 20 mins crying to myself and hubby at work about how mean he was. Its pretty funny thinking about it today smile
Hopefully i will go back to normal soon!
I think the worst thing about placenta brain has been losing my ability to multi task. For the last 7 years I have driven my husband mad by continually flapping around doing 10 things at once, now I struggle to do just one thing, which equally upsets my hubby!!

When cooking, I always forget to use a lot of the ingredients, despite having them lined up on the work top ready......


The only funny thing that KEEPS on happening is I either stop at green traffic lights!!! or I get pulled over and breathalysed!!!! Every time I see an RBT I seem to get stopped...I can't decide if I drive in a pissed fashion...but it's always a good laugh disapointing the policemen. My husband or always makes a point of telling the coppers that I'm pregnant and haven't had a drink since xmas, and you cans see they have heard it all before, and you can see the glimmer of hope that I might be a pregnant "drunk" woman.........shame...but I'll never give anyone the pleasure of drink driving..not even just the one. Still, should perhaps stop telling my family about being pulled over all the while...noone wants to get in the car with me!!!
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