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Hi everyone, i just have a quick question. Im almost 38 weeks pregnant and Ive been experiencing sharp pains in my inner thighs quite a lot. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this towards the end of their pregnancy? I'm not really that worried about it, just wondering if its normal and if it might be something that happens as a sign leading up to labour?

bec xo
Hi Bec,
I think it might be the norm. I suffered from them when I was later in my pregnancy also. Felt like someone was stabbing my thighs with a knife! A friend has also just recently had her bub and I remember her getting it also at about 33 weeks. It may just be bub putting pressure on a nerve or something, but if it is still worrying you best to talk to the midwife or doc about it. Better to be safe than sorry!
Best wishes for your soon to be birth!!

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Oh yeah, I know what you are saying. I have them too and I am 38 weeks. Have had them for a while. I feel like it is his head slowly engaging. It hurts doesn't it! It's just like for a split second but it makes me squint lol! My doc said it could also be ligaments stretching, I am sure its all just the process!



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