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Psychics Lock Rss

Has anyone ever been to see a psychic or rang a psychic hotline to find out what sex their baby was?
I want to ring one and find out what we're having, even just as a laugh, but my husband reckons its rubbish. I don't really believe in them, and I've never seen one before, but I think it would be a laugh...


my mum went to a psychic not long after I fell pregnanat and was told I was having a boy since then we have had a scan and was told a boy so time will tell she was also told that baby would be born early well still nothing unless she ment that I was having baby early because of the c-section which is a week early. It is all a bit of fun but why pay for it try looking at the old wives tales they are lots of fun.

Rylee 2 big brother to Tyler mummy angel boys

dear georgies mumma
i rang a phychic in dec last year she detailed lots of things about me what month i got married how it was 5 peoples day she was right its mine and hubs wedding day,my uncles bday,and my other auntie and uncles wedding anniversary how my family was in the wedding 2 nans and bro what colour my girls wore,what previous medical problems i had and when i was diagnosed (19) how long me and hubs had been together,work changes and when i would fall preggers she was bloody right on the whole lot i nearly died,mum went and saw one as well and she was right,my hubs thought what a lot of crap until i wrote it all down kept it on the fridge and kept marking them off he stil can't belive it and i didn't say anything at all to her not one thing. so some r right others r crap
good luck


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