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So very very tired! Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

Just wanna see if I'm the only one that is ridiculously tired!

I am sleeping 12 - 16 hours every day, usually its broken up a bit, and the hours I am awake, I'm so tired all I can do is sit on the recliner and watch TV!

I am 33 wks, and I know I should expect to be tired, but this is insane! Luckily bubba's room is as ready as can be at this point. My biggest worry at the moment is packing my bags for hospital in time!

Is anybody else who is at this stage experiencing similar, or is it just me???

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08


Do you know if you are low in iron?

I always seem to get low in iron in pregnancy and it makes you sooooo tired and unmotivated, everything becomes an effort.

If you aren't sure perhaps talk to your doctor/midwife about it - I am pretty sure they routinely check late in pregnancy anyway but doesn't hurt to ask and explain how you have been feeling.


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

Hi Amy

You are very tired aren't you. If your blood test results have all been going and nothing is low then go with the flow. It may be your body just getting you ready and rested for the big day. I would check with your midwife or doctor but if everythings fine then go with it. We aren't as lucky as to be able to rest this much when it's your 2nd or more LOL. So enjoy

Good Luck and Take Care

Hi amy,

WOW finally someone out the like me lol!!

My tiredness started at about the same time as you, i am just on 38 weeks and all i seem to do is sleep. i sleep all night from about 9pm and wake up normally about 10 or 11 am, i do housework or whatever needs to be done and by about 1 or 2 pm i ready for an afternoon nap... problem is, if i do lay down for a bit i am up in time to cook tea, bath my daughter get her ready for bed, spend time for myself for an hour and then i am ready for bed again lol. My husband finds this rather frustrating as you could imagine, but when he gets frustrated i get even more frustrated because he doesnt seem to understand how i feel, all he seems to do is complain about the lack of affection and putting it in no uncertain terms the amount of sex he gets...

For the time i am not passed out, i try to spend time with my husband and daughter, i miss them both and would love to spend every waking hour with them.

My iron levels were very low but in the last 2 months i have been on iron suplements and that helped for the first few weeks but i think as we get further on in our pregnancy we just need to rest and put our feet up more, although we feel bad doing it, there is definately nothing wrong with resting... we wont have that luxury soon and we have to make the most of it now!!!!

Dont stress, enjoy the rest period for as long as it lasts.... Hell, why not..... we are going to have a newborn to tend to 24/7 and our other kids, we need the rest to be at our best smile

Take care sweetie

heather xxx

Mummy of 2 beautiful girls, Paige & Brianna

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