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19 week ultra sound Lock Rss

Hi all

I just came back from my 19week ultrasound and I am feeling really annoyed!!

The woman doing the ultrasound was very clinical and during the tests, I asked if everything was ok and she said 'I dont make comments until the end as different things can affect other parts.....'

at the end I got no feedback and when I asked if all was okay, she said that she doesnt do the report but from her side she didnt spot any abnormalities.

She spent ages getting pictures of the heart (so now I am stressing somethings wrong) and when I first got there I asked that we find out the sex and she spent around 20 seconds trying to get an image at the end and then said 'well it could be a boy but the cord is in the way so its hard to tell'.

The results are being sent direct to my ob (they gave me the option of picking up or delivering them) and the appointment is tomorrow, but now I feel somethings wrong given how 'cold' the experience was and completely different to my first borns ultrasound.

Has anyone else had the same experience and do you think I am being just a bit sensitive and reading too much into it??

I am glad I have got that off my chest!!


You poor thing, I hate people that fill your mind with doubt and worry!!
You might find you just had a bitch of a sonographer!!!

I had an emergency ultrasound when I was 8 weeks because I had some bleeding, so you can imagine how worried I was already, and the woman was so cold and unsypathetic towards me!!
Luckily everything was ok, and I didn't get that lady for my 12 or 19 week scan.

So try and be calm/patient, til you talk to your ob!
I hope everything turns out for the best! Keep me posted!!

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

Congratuations on your pregnancy.

I agree with the other post, she was pobably just a bitch of a sonographer. Maybe having a bad day. When you talk to your ob she will no doubt put your mind at ease. At our 20 week ultrasound we didnt have a very nice lady and the video she made for us was shocking. She kept telling me to be quiet when i asks what things where. Then when she was ready she would explain. I just put it down to her being a cow. Our first ultrasound at 12 weeks was fantastic, she was so nice. I think it just may be who you get on the day.

We went for a 3D ultasound because I just wanted to see him again and that was fantastic. You will get to find out the sex through that. Unless he has his legs crossed.

Anyway, try not to worry untill you talk to your doc, at least thats only tomorrow and not too far away. I know how hard it is to not worry though, i am constantly wondering if everythings going ok in there.

Good luck and keep us posted!
That is no good at all! I also had an emergency ultrasound early in the pregnancy due to bleeding and while my GP was making me freak out with worry the person who did the ultrasound was so nice to us! She spent extra time just to show us the microscopic heart beat of the baby and told answered questions about where it was and if all was normal, etc. I went out of there smiling. I also waited for the results (especially since I am changing from my GP to the OBG at the hospital I have chosen) so I have all the films to show them.

I think doctors and other medical staff need to be a bit more "human" and understand that we are more informed about our bodies now and we want to know what the heck is going on in them!

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