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Whats the first 'forbidden' food you'll eat??? Lock Rss

Hi Everyone!

Just wondering what the first food you'll eat once Bub is out, that you're not supposed to eat while you're preg??? What are you most hanging to be able to eat again?

A friend of mine is preg too and she is absolutely DYING to eat a double cheese burger from maccas!

I cant wait to be able to eat smoked salmon and brie cheese! Also crab and mussels! I love sea food and i love almost any cheeses!

My fiancee has even promised to take me to New Zealand next year so i can eat as much seafood as i can get my hands on! Looks like Bub will be on formula for that weekcoz aparently sea food isnt good for Bub if you're breastfeeding!

What is everyone else hanging to eat???


It's not really a food, but i quit smoking while i was with bub, and now she's out, i hate to admit i have been smoking nearly none stop. I also have missed alchohol, but that's only for when bub's with the grandparents, lol.

Cherele Power Out

Hey Jasmyn i too cannot wait to get my mouth round some yummy seafood! especially pranws!!! Iwas just talking about foods i cant wait to eat last night!!! I didnt know it wont be good for bub when breastfeeding looks like ill be waiting a bit longer!!!!

My husband has been put on strict orders to bring me a Mcflurry from Macca's to the hospital the day after the baby is born.

I will also be eating ham, salami, and thickshakes, oh and some calamari oh yeah!

Also cheesecake!


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

I'm with you on the seafood part. Worst part was that I organised a work party at an oyster bar and wasnt able to eat any of the really good stuff that came around - had to stick to all the boring stuff lol.

I really dunno what it would be but i have to admit, i dunno what to think of some of the forbidden foods - i have eaten basically everything through the whole pregnancy & nothing bad has happened, even the doctor has continually told me how well she's doing in there - the only thing i've avoided is alcohol but i dont drink much anyway.

Bub is healthy & coming out on June 6th - has anyone ever actually eaten a forbidden food & had big problems once the baby was born?

Just curious to see whether or not the foods etc actually have had an impact on an unborn baby!
Kel xox

Kel, SA, Mum to Lillian Rose - 06/06/06

Hi all,

Just wondering ...................... Is maccas really that bad for you whilst preggas? I ask them to cook me fresh chips and fresh cheeseburger with no gurkan and extra sauce. So i know its fresh. Is this ok to do? I know that the hotter(fresher) it is the better it is for you.

Im hanging for a mcflurry also, love the soft serve!!!!! but thats one thing i havnt had since falling preggas.

Also im going to a girlfriends bday party this weekend at a resteraunt, and have pre ordered, (because its a party of 80 they need to know specific dietry needs of certain people like pregnant woman, vegitarians, kids ect) grilled perch with chips and special sauces, my options where grilled perch, fillet steak, or crumbed chicken,. did i make the right choice, i try to only have fish once a week. (because of the mercury levels ect.)

Im also dying to eat a ham and tomato sandwhich on fresh white bread with lots of salt!!!!! and a milkshake! lots of them too!!!!! Anyone else have the same cravings?

must run, have chors to do!!!!!!!


Kristy mum to jamie and 4 month old imogen

I have looked EVERYWHERE about seafood that shouldnt be eaten during pregnancy and as long as its cooked prawns and crayfish are fine!
Sorry if this seems argumentative but i dont think there's anything wrong with them. I can understand not being able to eat uncooked fish and oysters... things like that but ive noticed a lot of girls saying they cant wait to eat prawns. They're okay to eat as long as they're cooked...
Chinese is okay as long as you ask for food to be cooked without MSG. Vegies and noodles are on the okay list. I asked my doc about chinese cos on my friends hens night we went out to dinner at a chinese restaurant.
its funny how we dont realise the foods we really love till we cant have it isnt it. i miss ham sandwiches, soft serve icecream and hot chicken rolls. i got a milkshake from wendys and asked for hard serve icecream and was told it would cost me extra as i wasnt having soft serve, it was like they were punishing me for being pregnant, which i thought was wrong, i was doing the right thing for me and my baby.
well when i have had bubs i will be having a sundae and the hot chicken roll bought up to me.
well goodluck to everyone.


W.A baby boy Brett William 15/7/06

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