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How can they get it wrong? Lock Rss

Hey everyone,
Well what a huge stuff up last night was. Haven't had an antenatal class at all now. (It was suppose to be my first since I've only seen a GP every 8 weeks or so since getting pregnant and was told that at 28 weeks to start going to a MW instead.)

So according to the GP I was suppose to get my anti-d needle and have my first class yesterday- since on HIS FILE I was 28 weeks. But apparently that wasn't right.

SO... I went in and spoke to the MW and she asked where the file from the GP was- I said I didn't know and he just told me to call and organise to meet for classes and ante-d needles with the hospital from now on. So I did. I thought that they all had the same info and no one told me to get anything from the GP to give to the MW or hospital- so I didn't bother.

The MW then had to call the GP to get them to fax through my file... they still hadn't by the time I left, 30 minutes later.

She asked about my due date and I said 22nd Aug because that's what the doctor gave me. But the MW said- according to the scan reports I am due 4th Sept. So I was upset about that.

And all she could do then was send me home and tell me to come back in 2 weeks for my glucose test and anti-d needle. I am sooooo unhappy. And upset.

This is bullcrap! How can they all get mixed up and get the info wrong. The doctors were going by week to week urine samples and the hospital were going by scans. GRRR!

I drove 40 minutes to town to see the MW for a 30 minute chat about my name and details and get questioned about where my file was... GRRR!

Also, Carey, my partner, had to leave work early to come since we were told it would be our first antenatal class. So he came 1 and a half hours back north to town for nothing then we had to drive another 40 minutes north from town to get home.

I know its only another few weeks more to wait and peanut could come earlier or later- but surely someone can give me the right information hey!?!?!

Also, we got told that our antenatal classes would be each Wednesday night from 7-9 pm... Now that's a 40 minute drive there and a 40 minute drive home as well. In the dark, along the dirt road for most of the trip and having kangaroos jump out in front of the car every second.

CRAP CRAP CRAP. If we hit another kangaroo- that's another $5000 or so damage! And we don't have the money to pay for it, even with insurance, the amount we have to pay is at least $800. and again- we dont have that sort of money to spend on the car.

Not happy jan... Made me want to cry! Sorry guys...
This is my first time and I have no idea what I'm doing. I need help and direction. The GP should've had the info there and right from the start and the hospital should've been in touch with the GP my file before I went. STUPID SYSTEM GOING ON HERE!


I have o negative blood and this babies blood type is different to mine- weird I know. So my body is building antibodies to kill his oxygen in his blood. So if I dont get these needles- one at 7 weeks, 20 weeks, 28 weeks and 34 weeks. Then this little fella will be getting attacked and I cant do anything about it.

Well I had an abortion last August and then an etopic and my cycles weren't right, I waited for nearly two months before I had a period and then I didn't have one at all until November I just had a little show. So the doctors just had to use urine samples to see if I was pregnant and somehow they could determine when I got pregnant. How the bloody hell can they tell from urine tests???

I had a scan to also see if I was and they said I was already 7 weeks. So... I'm not sure. The doctors said that urine tests were more accurate???
I had a threatened miscarriage in Feburary when I was about 16 weeks and they did a scan then and the hospital said I was 16 weeks so they were both on track with dates then. BUT- my last scan and the doctors last urine test came up different. The doctor said I was 20 weeks and the hospital said 18 weeks.

So I'm just going to say that that can be my two week difference. And I think it's safer to stick with the scan dates. Doesn't really matter now that I think of it I mean, I'm **** that they made me think I was so far along and give me wrong info alot. But I know he'll come when he's ready. Hopefully haha.

Excited young mum to Bailey and the new addition/s

Sounds like a bad day. As far as I'm aware the scans are more accurate, as u get sent for a scan if u need to confirm dates etc.. As for ur classes, some hospitals do a weekend class as it is easier for some ppl, so maybe get on the phone to ur midwife and start asking questions. It seems u aren ot getting enough communication, from anyone, maybe make another appointment with doctor focusing on getting questions answered or get on the phone to ur midwife and just ask away. Hope it all gets sorted and everything improves.
Hey there

You're certainly having a bad day!
One resolution is that I have A- blood. I have had anti-D needles for the last 3 pregnancies. You have to have these especially if your partner is a + blood type as the baby could have + blood. If the two cross the placenta it can be dangerous for both mum & baby

Chin up, things will get better!!!!

Hey thre Stevie88,

Just wanted to add something about the scans/urine for the how far along you are.

I found out i was preggers at 30weeks and they worked out how far along i was (30weeks to the day) by measuring the babies femur bone in her leg. I then went to the hospital and saw the midwife and they worked out the 12th of jan and bubs arrived the 9th of jan. I have not heard of going on urine tests for predicting due dates. The only thing that urine would tell them is if you are pregnant or not. Well, that's what ive heard anyway and my mum is a midwife and does ante natal classes so yeah....

As for ante natal classes, they can be useful and informative, especially when its your first baby! I found them useful, but mums a midwife so i asked her questions whenever i wanted. She now runs the classes so i am always hearing stories! If you would like to chat i might be able to help answer some of your questions and if not, ask my mum.

Hope you are feeling better and not so stressed. Sending you big hugz.

My email/msn is [email protected]

Take care sweetie, all the best xoxoxo

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

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