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Did people get eyes for xmas :) Lock Rss


Just wanted to vent at what really annoys me.. PEOPLE STARING when i go out. I am so sick of it and it makes me feel uncomfortable. Being pregnant makes you feel like a weirdo. Its bad enough that i feel uncomfortable in my clothes and i feel like a big fat heffa lol but to have people looking at you all the time is frustrating. Although i have found a way to end there confusion when they are looking at you and trying to figure out weather you are pregnant or not.. Rub you belly hahaha then they quickly look away smile
Does this annoy anybody else?? Or is it just me??
smile smile

Ds 17/10/06

You should be proud. Just think about the fact that a lot of the people staring are not thinking you are fat.
I walk around and see pregnant people in fitting little tops displaying there bellys proudly and I look. It use to make me jealous that I wasnt pregnant.
Now I look and smile because I know I have a baby in me too and its only a matter of time before I can proudly show my bump. At the moment people do not know I am pregnant and I am trying to hide it, when what I would love to do is put on a tight top and let everyone see my shape!!

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

Hi Kamryn

lol I love when ppl stare at me! Im so proud of my bump and when i see women staring i just think that they are jealous and wish they could have my bump lol and when guys stare i take it as a compliment because a lot of guys think pregnant women are sexy.

Only 2 weeks left for me!!!

Bec xo
Ok, I'm a guilty one! I love seeing pregnant bellies, cause I know what they bring! I also know how much I enjoyed mine and get to wondering if that mum is also. It's kind of like a secret that pregnant women share, that only those that have been through pregnancy knows! Plus I'm desperate to join the ranks again, so envy maybe, but definately not jealousy!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

Hay Girl,

You should not feel insecure about your baby belly it is a wonderful part of life, you never get so much attention than when you are pregnant and sometimes it would annoy me too until my mum had a go at me and rightly so, she made me feel that i should be proud of this growing human being inside of me, and people are not staring because of the things that you think but they look at pregnant woman as they just have this most magnificant glow to them, or there a mum and start to remenice i even had dads tell me fabulous i looked and to enjoy every moment of it.
Enjoy it and just smile at them, i changed my attitude towards people and you know what most of them would turn around or even stop me and ask me when i was due, is it your first, ect ect. I think it is great that total strangers are interested in the most exciting phase of your life. I had two woman have an argument with each other when i went to the local swimming pool about what sex baby i was having it was a real hoot. So stop being hormonal and stick that belly out and be proud as you have a long way to go yet and your only going to get more attention as you get bigger.
i found it also amazing that all of a sudden you have this secret with every woman on the planet that has had a baby and you share something really special with them that only they know about and they are total stranger, I thinkit is great

Stick it out and be proud!!!!!

Love Ashers mummy
I am 36 weeks pregnant and I've noticed the further along I've gotten, the more people smile at me and I can't go to a restaurant or any other public place without people engaging in conversation about my bump. I know before I fell pregnant, I couldn't wait to catch up with my pregnant friends because they just looked so beautiful to me and their bumps were alot of people a re probably thinking the same thing.
I know it is really hard when you think you look obviously pregnant but people can't tell or aren't sure if it is a fat belly or a pregnant one, but you just need to relax and be confident in yourself that it is not fat but a baby being nurtured inside of you:-)
Hi Kamryn

I am only 8 weeks pregnant so obviously I am not showing but I dred the day that some freaking stranger decides that it is their right to come up to me and tough my protruding belly. They better be in for a shock because I will in no tackful way tell them to bugger off and I just might turn around and touch their belly and I hope they are just fat because i will say "Oh are you pregnant too"? that will stuff them.

I hate being touched by strangers regardless of pregnancy or not, a result of years in hospitality and retail so when they do it when I am showing I am not going to be a happy woman.

There I feel better now.

hi guys! i can totally relate to being stared at. my baby girl is 9 days old and she weighed over 10 pound when born. imagine the way people stared at me when i went out cos i was absolutly HUGE!!! it got to a point where i didnt go out for a couple of weeks before i had her. it got to much to deal with being stared at like a freak. especially by men...
I know exactly what you mean. Before I got preganant I actually lost quite a bit of weight so was very conscience about how I looked but early in pregnancy you really get that "is she preggers or is she just fat?" stage and it is sssoooooo frustrating. When ever I went out I would always sit my hand on my belly, it's a nice subtle way to give the hint that your ARE preggers and it also feels nice to run your mini bump. I'm now 34 weeks preggers and am only just starting to get strangers giving me hints a tips and asking me about my pregnancy because it is just so obvious, but this has only happened over the last few weeks so hang in there.

best of luck smile
I love people looking at my pregnant belly...I would love to run down the street screaming..."hooray hooray I'm pregnant" etc.etc.
But, I don't like it when my belly is hanging out of my clothes...that makes me feel self concious of people staring.

I must admit, when freshly pregnant, I was always asking my husband if I looked fat or pregnant. I was/am 7kg over my max weight for height limit....and it was very important to me that ppeople knew I was pregnant and not just fat!!!! That bothered me a bit, but now, 32 weeks gone, I'm proud as a peacock......

enjoy the "nice" attention while it lasts.
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