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Back pains!?!?!?! Lock Rss

Hey ladies,

Just wondering if its typical to have back pains, and.........butt pains lolz (hehe sorry). I'm not in agony or anything like that but I've had them both for the last few days and wondered if it's normal. Hmmmm maybe its just because I've been sitting down alot, who knows. Oh I'm 12 weeks aswell. If that helps

Hi Eva

I suffer back pain every time I am preg. It is my understanding that the HCG hormones released in your body cause your spine to soften in turn making room for a baby to grow. I usually get back pain early and sometimes hangs round most of the pregnancy.

About the butt pain LOL. I don't know Heheheh. I would check with the midwife or ob gp the next time you are there but I am sure all is well and normal.

Good Luck and Take Care

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