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Nuchal Scan Lock Rss

Good morning!

Hopefully everyone's doing well this morning. My little bubs has been well behaved and only giving me little bits of morning sickness (at various times through the day). It's funny how foods I love seem not to agree with me anymore. had some heartburn yesterday - anyone know which antacids we're allowed to take while pregnant?

Anyways - the reason for my post is I'm scheduled for a Nuchal Scan on Jun 15 and I'm just wondering what you ladies think about them? Are they mandatory? Are they scary or for the most part pretty simple? Were you able to request a picture to be printed of the bubs? I don't want to wait until the 19 wk to get baby's first photograph (I have an xray screen of the last ultrasound photos but can't send those via email!).

Hi there

I find Mylanta is best for heartburn and totally safe when pregnant. You can get in tablets which is handy coz you can take in your handbag smile

I have just had my Nucal Scan. This our 2nd baby and we have had the Nucal Scan each pregnancy. It is totally a personal choice whether to have it or not. We have chosen to as we have Downs Syndrome in our family. Some people think it is unnecessary but as i said, totally a personal decision. The scan is very straight forward. It isn't scary at all. You will see bub on the monitor (very exciting !) and they will point out the heart beating and sometimes bub will move around smile Ours pointed out the arms and legs and they measure the back of the neck (via the computer) to see how thick/thin it is. You should get the results that day/the next day. Yes you should definately get 2-3 photos and ours will video for you if you take a blank tape. You should give the Dr a call to ask if they do this as it is a lovely keepsake and you can show the grandparents smile

I hope this has helped. It is nothing to be worried about and it's lovely to see bub moving around in there smile

Hope it goes well for you. Let us know how you get on.

Its really up to you if you want to have one done. They aren't scary its just a routine scan and you get pics! If you think to yourself if the test results came back as high risk would it change your mind about having your baby, just a few things to take in consideration. I myself went for my scan purely for the reason of seeing my baby. I have lost two babys and just wanted to be reasured that everything was ok and to see my little bubs again. As some women have said that there test results have come back high and there was no problem at all.... so as i said its up to you smile
All the best and take care

Ds 17/10/06

Thank goodness for this forum! You have all been so helpful with advice!

I think I have some mylanta at home so will give that a try! Bubs just doesnt like anything with tomatoes (which are very acidic anyways).

I checked with my ultrasound place and they dont videotape any of the ultrasounds but sometimes can provide a CD of the images or a print out of some. I think I'll wait until the 19th week for a CD of images but at least get some print outs for this one coming up - how exciting! I know that the place that the hospital recommends doesnt tape either but I can live with that I guess. Bubs is going to have enough of their life on video as is lol.

Thanks again!

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