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chicken pox exposure Lock Rss



Just wondering my DD has 2 kids in her class at school who have broken out in chicken pox this week. =gasp

1 is my DD's best friend and the other sits next to my DD at school. I spoke to one of the mums earlier in the week who said she was feeling a little off and I jokingly told her to take a 'mental health day', lay on the lounge and recoup. Well she broke out the next day with chicken pox.

I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant and kept my DD home today as she has been sneezing alot and with excessive clear mucus. (apparently these are the first signs OH NO!!!!!!!!)

Is it dangerous for me or my unborn baby if my DD catches them?
I had a good dose of chicken pox at age 16 so don't think I'll catch them myself but I'm a little worried :'( My DD hasn't had them and isn't immunised.



Jo, DD 7yrs dance addict; little man 13 months

Hey there

If you have had them before then you should be immune to them. Your baby cannot catch them unless you have them. So if you have had them before you have nothing to worry about smile

Ds 17/10/06

Hey Jo smile Just doing a little reading for you and i just read that it shouldnt hurt the baby cos you're already immuned. Baby can only catch it from you and not someone else. They say chances of you becoming infected are slim but if you do have signs of it then to tell your doctor who may give you a 'Varicella-zoster immune globulin' (VZIG) injection and they will monitor you and bubs for a little while. But thats only if you're not immune to it but you've already caught it so you should be okay smile
And if you do come down with it theres only a 2% chance your bub gets infected! But if you get in within a week of delivery theres a 35% chance it can be passed on to you bubby. But they have an injection (VZIG) to give to bub if he/she is delivered when you have it.
Hope this helps
Chances are that she will get them..dont stress too much though coz if you have had them before then you are not likely to catch them again so no risk to yourself or bubs!!

My neice and nephew have just had them and they werent immunised either, however i know of many kids who have been and still catch them.

If she does break out in spots the contageous period is pretty much over as they are contageous before you even know you have them (i think about 2 weeks before break out)

If your extra worried give your midwife a call for some reassurance.

Take Care!!
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