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Hi all,
Well im 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant, i had a ultrasound at 5 weeks and 3 days and all they could see was the sac and yolk sac (thought i was futher thats why went so early) And they said u dont see a heartbeat before 6 weeks... That was in Brisbane)
Then i seen my doc in nsw where im having the baby and he said that they should of seen the heartbeat at 5 weeks and 3 days... so im confused and dont know what to think, he sent me for another ultrasound but still curious....

And plus i did not really have a full bladder so i mean that could have had something to do with

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

i had my first ulrasound at 5 weeks 6 days in brisbane as i was on holidays and they though it might have been and ectopic pregnancy as i was getting some bad pains.

i went in with a very full bladder and they couldnt see anything from the outside. No yolk sack or anything. i was begining to think maybe i wasnt pregnant hehe

In the end i had to have an internal ultrasound (which was horrible) there they did find the heartbeat. the bub was so tiny just under 5mm, thats why they couldnt find its heartbeat.

I've had 2 more ultraousnd since then cause of more bleeding problems but everything is going good.

I guess i all depends on your Dr. And the fact that they thought there might have been a problem with me which is why they did the internal.

I'll be 12 weeks on tuesday!!

im sure everything is fine with you

when is you next ultrasound?


Kellie~ DS Rylan Jonathon 24/12/06 Ezekiel Arthur

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