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Fetal Doppler Lock Rss

How many weeks pregnant do you need to be before you can hear the baby's heart beat??


I think it depends on the doppler. I heard my bubs heartbeat at 12 weeks smile

Ds 17/10/06

Oh thats good. I'm hoping to hear it today. I'm 12 weeks along, and have had a bit of spotting, and don't want to have to drive 3 kms to the nearest ultrasound specialist...I was hoping that he could pick up the heartbeat today....

hi georgies mum, usually u can hear babys heartbeat on doppler from 14 weeks but u can hear it earlier on a stethoscope ask ur doctor if u can listen if she uses one . how many weeks r u? all the best.

proud mummy to ebony 3.5 yrs and damon 11months

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