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what to wash baby clothes in??? Lock Rss

Hi ladies need some advice as to what to wash the baby clothes in... I have 6 weeks to go and am getting prepared for the baby and have alot of new clothes (which states wash before use) and also hand me downs.. I am getting alot of conflicting stories as to what to wash them in also some say soak in nappy san (clothes not nappies) have also heard about wash flakes.... As a first time mum I am a little confused so would like any info if possible....

Also while I have your attention what is the best baby bottles to buy.. I have heard that Avent is good????

I just wash my baby's clothes seperately on gentle setting of my machine (I use OMO sensitive for all washing for asthma reasons). This has worked for me, but guess it is up to you! The only exception to this is cloth nappies which I start a bucket of nappy soaker (napisan) in the morning and put nappies into during the day and next morning tip contents including water into machine and wash before refilling the bucket for that day's nappies. (I am planning to use cloth for daytime when at home, but don't know how long I'll actually use them for LOL!!!)

I also am a fan of Avent bottles, so much so with my first I chucked out all my thin neck bottles and replaced them with Avent. This time round will use Avent again to express initially and bottle feed later if I chose to stop breastfeeding.

I think both questions come dwon to personal choice and preference.

Hope all goes well with the upcoming birth, not long now!


Jo, DD 7yrs dance addict; little man 13 months

hi when i was pregnant, i used my normal washing powder, but got a really good quality fabric softener to use as well. this worked just fine with us (DS doesnt have sensitive skin or anything). i think theres no need to go and buy lux soap flakes or anything, as normal powder does the job. do, however, stock up on nappisan because you will need it in the comming months!!!!

in regards to the bottles... i've got avent, tommee tippee, happy baby... the list goes on (DS is not fussy with the bottle he drinks from). im really not a huge fan of the avent ones. i much prefer the tommee tippee health-flow bottles. they are the angled funny looking ones. they are fantastic! these are DS's favourites, and mine!!!

like the previous poster stated, both are personal preference. good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! smile

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile


Ive started washing my Bubs clothes too to get them ready for when she arrives, and my mum told me to use Softly or Lux. I couldnt find Lux in Coles so i brought Softly and its worked pretty good. It smells nice and left all the clothes and nappies nice and soft which i think is great seeing ill be washing em a fair bit!

As for bottles, i havent gotten any yet but my Mum used the Avent ones with my sister and i remember them being pretty good. theyre much easier to wash coz of their shape, and lasted a while too. I dont know of any others such as how they are, but i guess it depends on your budget too. also for the washing powder too.

But again, its up to personal choice.

Hope this was some help!


I just use the same washing powder for bubs as i do for us snd she has had no problems with this i just soak any of her stuff seperatly if there are any marks especially bibs now she is on solids.

as for bottles i have the PUR self steralising bottles and they are excellent. you just wash them up and put water in the lid and stick in the microwave to steralise it only takes 1.5 mins for 1 bottle i find it much easier than the normal microwave steraliser.

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Hi, i used amolin laundry liquid for first year then omo sensitive. i found when baby gets older & dirtier the liquid didnt work as good but was great while i did use it i now use purity softener with omo sens. & it works well to wash all our clothes together. I also used avent bottles. can honestly swear by them will b using them again this time round.

Jodie, QLD

hi jamaica,
i used lux flakes 14 yrs ago, i now have a 20month and also due in aug and i will be using that product again as i had no prob at all.
with the second hands all i did was soaked them in nappysan plus for a couple of days depending on how dirty or stain they were.
i also use the avent bottles, i dont mind them it really depends on the child too. they can be expensive too to buy.
hope this helps

sharon,nsw, kailee 2, marc 6 months

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