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When to give up work??? Lock Rss

Hi everyone, i have been reading a lot of your posts about when to leave work. i've noticed a lot of these ladies work in offices, i have a totally different job unfortunelty, i work in a restaurant and i do quite a few deliveries to people houses between 5:00 pm and midnight. i've read about a lot pf people leaving from 27 weeks.
Since i've worked there i've had a lot of falls, even a broken ankle late last year. Last week i fell up a set of stairs and it scared me a bit and made me think about when im gonna leave work. The baby was fine but it scared me anyway.
I dont wanna sound lazy but i really dont wanna still be there at 27 weeks or later. I want to do what is the safest thing to do and i dont wanna be 7 mths pregnant and fall down a set of slippery stairs.
I'm 18 weeks pregnant now and its probably a bit early to be thinkin about this but i just wanna know others point of views.
thanks heaps

HI there,

I think you need to listen to your body and do what you think is best. You are caring precious cargo and if you dont feel you want to be working past 27 weeks then dont.

I have just finished paid work and I am 32 weeks with our first baby. I was working in a pharmacy and i was on my feet and doing very late nights and silly shifts. I was also scared of getting sick, because i seem to always catch colds and flus from the sick people that came in. I felt guilty when I thought about woman who work until later in their pregnancy, but then I do think it is only up to the individual.

Having said all this, I have to add that it was a hard decision to make (when to leave work) I too felt I was being lazy. And kept thinking I should work right up until 38weeks or so. In the end I think you just need to listen to your body and do whats best for you and your baby and the situation you are in.

I hope this all made sense.
Anyway, Good luck with the decision. I am sure you will make the right one in the end.
Again I agree with the others. We are all at risk everyday, whether it be crossing the road, driving our cars etc. But if you have had regular injuries at work i don't think it is worth putting the baby at risk. However, I am only a couple of weeks behind you in pregnancy and I do not have any health issues. I will not give up my job until around 36-38wks unless I do have problems. Mainly for financial reasons but also because I don't see the point of sitting at home doing nothing. Pregnancy may slow us down a bit, but we are still very capable. If i was you i would look at finding another job for the next 12wks - something less strenuous and less risky. Maybe part time office or reception work?? But then again, not many people are looking to hire someone for such a short time who is pregnant.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

hi michelle,
i agree with all the other ladies, work up until u can
i am 26 week pregnent and have said that i will try and work up until about 30 to 32 weeks
i have quiet a physical job im a detailer if i cant work up till then well so be with it if i can thats great too.
do what is the best for you and your baby that is growing in you.
hope all is going well

julie baby due 8th oct 2006

julie / chad sa baby due 8/10/06

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