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Yahh..I'm Pregnant Lock Rss

Hi Everyone..I am nine week pregnant and so very excited!! I have been coming to this site for a little while (since I found out) but never put key to computer (so to speak)
Morning Sickness - or should I say afternoon/night sickness has been a bit overwhelming! I just can't get my head around how much your body can change and the way that it makes us all feel! My only complaints are tiredness and nausea - touch wood I have only called for the bucket once!
Does anyone else keep a diary?? My fiance laughs at me every night, propped up in bed trying to write in this little book.....
I work full time, still deciding on the maternity leave stuff and whether to go back f/time or p/time. My boss is quite adement on "you leave fulltime, you come back fulltime" I don't like that much....i'll get out my angry eyes a little later down the track and she might just change her mind...Just cause she went back to work fulltime after 6 weeks! (that was 10 years ago mind you)
Well enough blabbering, I could go on for hours! Thanks for reading, and i'll post again soon!
With work, I was told at first that I'd be obliged to come back full time as soon as my paid maternity leave expired, and I wasn't really happy with that. Didn't kick up a big fuss at first, but when it got closer to having to decide and I was needing to get all the official paperwork in, I put it to them again and made it clear that despite how much I like the job and want to stay - that I would resign if I had to come back full time straight away. Reason being is that I *just* made it in time for the minimum paid entitlement (14 weeks here), of which I'm taking a little bit beforehand, but in theory if she came a little early or on due then I'd have to put her into care at three months - personally wayyyyyyyyyy too soon for my liking (and of course my baby girl comes first !). Congrats on the bub and best of luck, stand up for what you know you deserve ! You might have to nag a bit, but if they drag their feet too much then you know the job isn't worth it. Oh ! And can't say I've kept a diary, but have been on the various message boards a bit - should do a bit of backtracking and put it all together to see how things went over time.

Right, enough of MY blabbering LOL

Jacquie, Erin's Mummy - Born 13th July 2006

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