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How far along when you show? Lock Rss

Hi Girls,

I was just wondering how far along were you all when you started to actually show.

I'm 16 weeks this week and because of really bad Morning sickness I actually lost 8-10kg in the first 8 weeks. So I am still only just gaining the weight that I lost in the first place.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Luv Honey xox

Hey smile

I was the same, i lost 6kgs with excessive vomiting.
I thought i was showing at 4months but everyone didnt really notice until 5months.
I noticed my belly getting bigger around 8wks, but it wasn't noticably a pregnant belly - more just a bit of fat. By 12wks I had popped out and after eating or drinking I would get bloated which made my tummy firm and stick out. It was very noticable to me, but others couldn't really tell unless they knew I was pregnant and were looking.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

I'm 11 wks along and noticed my waist line getting thicker around 7 wks. Only my partner and I noticed though. I can't wait until I actually look pregnant and not like I've went to an all you can eat buffet and stayed all night.

i was 24 weeks before anyone could tell i was pregnant!!
that was after severe morning sickness which i had to be hospitalized for

*expecting no.4 in November*

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