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Weaning my baby. Lock Rss

Hi. i posted this in 'ask the expert' but have found that you get very few general responses in that area. Can I have some advice from experience please.

Due to personal circumstances I will only be breast feeding my baby for 6wks. Since this is such a short time I am wondering whether I would be better to express breast milk for these 6wks and use a bottle, rather than wean my baby from breast to bottle so rapidly.
Is it difficult to change from breast to bottle? I really want to give my baby breast milk for these first six weeks while I am able, but am worried about how hard it will be to get them use to feeding from a bottle after only just getting them use to the breast.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

Hi, my son is now 2 1/2 he was born 5 weeks early the midwifes all told me if i combined breast & bottle feeding it would confuse him. I breast fed him for his 2 wk hospital stay when i got him home i found i couldnt keep up with his feeds & i was buggered so my hubby was doing some bottlefeeds for me through the night. Baby was happy i got more rest he didnt get confused at all so we combined breast & bottle for a couple of months until i got mastitus & he went to expressed milk in bottles for a bit then formula. He did good. Hope this helps you some

Jodie, QLD

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