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When to tell? Lock Rss

More for just curiosity's sake -

When did you start to tell general people around you (ie coworkers, not too close of friends, etc) that you were expecting? We told people like our parents and very close friends as soon as we knew but are waiting to tell our general friends and coworkers after we have our nuchal scan next week (nearing the end of the 12th week). I know some people that waited until they were 3 months along and then there are others who told people as early as 6 wks along.

For anyone who has unfortunately had issues in their previous pregnancies - do you find that once you have passed 12 wks that it is smoother sailing? When can I stop really worrying that something could happen to bubs? There's always a chance but I just want to know when I can start to really breath alot easier (aside from after it's born).


Well I wasn't planning on telling ANYONE till at least 12/13 weeks. However at 6 weeks I had really bad morning sickness. So bad that I had to be admitted to hospital. So after that we told our families and very close friends.
We didn't want to say anything at work, but cos I had over a month off with MS most people guessed anyway. So basically everyone knew by around 10 weeks.

I'm now almost 16 weeks and feeling a lot better and everyone knows!

Best of luck and try not to stress too much!

Luv Honey xox

Hi mommy2b,

It is such a hard decision to know when to tell. With my pregnancies (both IVF) we were advised only to tell those before 12 weeks who we would natuarally want to lean on for support if something happened. (With this current pregnancy it started off as twins but is now only one so I am pleased I took their advice). With my first pregnancy, like Honey I had servere morning sickness. I was able to cover by saying it was a bad virus I had picked up on holiday. With this pregnancy I was again so sick that everyone guessed and was asking either myself of DH which took some of the joy away from giving people our news.

At the end of the day when to tell is really when you and your partner feel comfortable. But I do agree with the IVF counsellors - it is good to only tell those before 12 weeks who you would want support from if the worse did happen.

Best wishes.

Hi there

I told my friends and family as soon as I found out (which was at 6 weeks), I thought the sooner the better. As for work, well I was unemployed when I first found out I was pregnant, but then when I was 8 weeks pregnant I got a job, but I didn't tell my employer for another few weeks because I wasn't sure how she would react to finding out her new employee was pregnant and would eventually have to leave work. You know with wll those new work placement laws they can sack you for anything. So I waited until I was about 13 weeks pregnant and then made up some story that I had only just found out.

The first trimester is suppose to be the most risky period of your pregnancy but of course you have to be careful during your entire pregnancy.

Bec xo
Thanks for sharing your info with me ladies. All the best to you with your pregnancies. I think no matter how many you have you will always have that little bit of worry in the back of your mind until you hold the little one you have carried for 9 months.

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