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Someone please help me! My skin is terrible.... Lock Rss

Hi Girls....

I'm having a terrible acne breakout around my chin. They are red and very sore to touch. Does anyone else have bad skin or had bad skin and know what to put on them?
It seems every other pregnant lady has lovely skin except me! sad How to treat them??


Hi Suzy,

I too have really gross skin at the moment and sometimes feel like I haven't bathed in a week (but do daily LOL) so you aren't alone.

I too am not sure what to put on them, have been using Clearasil daily fash wash, this hasn't had much impact on them.

I recently had a specialist appointment and the doctor had to listen to my chest, well boy was I embarrassed, my breakout on my back was that bad she thought I had chicken pox or something.

I'm gonna watch this thread for other posters and hope for answers too.



Jo, DD 7yrs dance addict; little man 13 months

Bad skin is just another one of those things that some people get with pregnancy and some dont. A bit like stretch marks.

I started breaking out straight away. At first I thought it was because my period was due and when I didn't get my period I realised it was because I was pregnant. Someone told me (im not sure who) that it should go away by the second trimester but may come back for the third. I am now 17wks along and my skin is still bad.

Unfortunately it is a hormonal thing so i cant do much about it, other than try to keep the skin clear and pores unblocked.

But if you say they are really red and sore to touch it may be something other than a bit of pregnancy pimples. I read the posting on PUPPP yesterday, having never heard of it, but maybe you should have a look at it. You can get mild cases of that late in your pregnancy that occur on stomach, legs, arms and face.

I am not a skin expert and this is my first pregnancy, so I probably shouldn't be trying to give advice. I'm just rambling really....

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

Hi Suzy,

I'm afraid it's bad news from me to! sad
I have had bad skin the whole way through my pregnancy, and there hasn't been much I have been able to do about it! Just find the cleanser that's best for you, and cleanse as much as you can stand! It doesn't get rid of the acne completely, but keeps it under control!

Just one of the joys!

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

Hi suzy

yeah its grosse hey, ive been lucky and only had a couple of break outs. the best thing ive found is that you should try not to over wash your skin because that can make it dry out and make it worse. A good spot treatment is good, use something like johnson & johnson anti acne gel (its the one you put on specific blemishes)

hope thats helped

Bec xo
I have bad acne on my chest since i found out i was pregnant, i drink lots of water and try to eat healthy but they dont go away, so i am guessing it just pregnancy hormones and will clear up afta bubs is born.
Not every 1 has nice skin when pregnant it supposedly the complete opposite.
Dont worry, relax and take care!!


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