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When do you "drop" Lock Rss

Hi ... I am 38 and 30 weeks pregnant with our first bub, who is joining us on August 8 (have wimped out and opted for a C Section) ... I am actually not that big (well so everyone keeps telling me), and now on top of that, I look and feel like she has "dropped" already.

Is this normal, or am I just letting everyone else get to me?

Any advise would be great!!!!

Cheers ... Tracie
Hi Tracie,

With a first baby you can drop anytime from 30 weeks, although I think 36 weeks is more common. Perhaps you have felt your baby turn head down which is a good thing. Just ask your dr at your next appointment as they will be able to tell you for sure smile
hi. normally u can drop anywhere from 30 weeks till u give birth. its normal. probably means the babys turned it self around so its head is ontop of your pelvis. thats a great thing that he-she has turned around itself. my baby turned her head around 35 weeks. i was soo happy. good luck with the baby.

philippa mum of Charley chicken

I'm 34 weeks preganant now and didn't realise that the bubs could drop so early, my last appointment showed that he was already head down and now I think about it it really makes sence. The kicking started to get higher (just up under my ribs) and I could eat soooooo much more. This is my first pregnancy so I've really gone through a lot of these changes not understanding the relevance. I freaked out my husband a few weeks ago because I was able to poke in 6 pieces of pizza, I even stunned myself!!! Everyone is different though, my girlfriend's little boy didn't drop until 1 week before she was due.

Best of luck smile
hi Tracie, I have had work mates tell me that I have dropped and that I would give birth in the next week or 2 ( 3 weeks ago), and that I have really poped, and that when my belly button pops out he is ready to be born and so on.
so I dont take any thing as normal anymore, its what is normal for you and your body shape.. as long as your doc. says your ok, then thats all you have to worry about, I guess you are still seeing your midwife every 4 weeks? just ask, or even give them a call.. they are more than happy to answer your questions. Everyone will have a different opinion on weather on not you have dropped.

Emily, NT, EDD June 24th

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