Hi eveyone,
was hoping someone may be able to offer some information or advice.
My SIL has just called and she's 7 weeks pregnant with twins. She just had an ultra sound a few days ago and saw two strong heartbeats. She was feeling incredibly nauseous so she started to take vitimin B. Now she doesn't feel sick at all. She said it did graudually get better as she started taking the vitimins but she doesn't think that's why it's gone. She's really worried it's a miscarriage.
Did anyone else experience times in their pregnancy where they didn't feel sick anymore but then it would come back?
Or has anyone stopped feeling sick and it has ended up being a miscarriage?
She is otherwise well, with no stomach cramps or anything. She has a scan on Friday but I thought if anyone knew anything in the mean time, it would be helpful.
Thanks in advance