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How much weight did you put on durring your pregnancy? Lock Rss

I'm 34 weeks into my first pregnancy and have put on 8 kg. Is this about average? too much? too little? And I seem to be putting on weight faster now then at any time in my pregnancy.

Would love some feedback smile

You sound about perfect actually. The average is about 10 to 15 kilos I believe, so you are right on target. I gained about 8 altogether but have heard of people who have gained 20. So whatever - as long as you are both healthy.

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

Hi kat,

8kg is really good!! I put on about 30 with my first and it was hell to lose.

I am now 29wks with number 4 and have not put on any weight but my doctor said it is ok because I had some weight to spare in the first place. ( thanks to the other 3!!)

The weight will go on now faster than any other time and ease of at about 37 weeks.


Kim, nsw, 30 wks

Hi with my first I put on 19 kg and kept about 10 of that after he was born however this time I am 29 weeks and I am 5 kg lighter than when I fell pregnant. Wierd.
my first baby i put on 25kg, lost about 20kg within 3months.

i ate the normal amount, did lots of excersie.
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