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Not finding out Lock Rss

Hey ladies,

I'm heading off this week for my nuchal scan - I've been told that sometimes they are able to tell what the sex of the baby is at this point. My partner and I desperately DON'T want to know what we're having as we are very keen on it being a surprise.

Do I just have to tell them I don't want to know so that incase it's very obvious they will get us to turn away? I really hope the surprise isn't ruined by accident. I'm also planning on having the 3D ultrasound done at 28wks and again hopefully it won't show on the DVD we get!

Hi Mommy2b,

In my experience the ultrasound technicians usually ask you if you want to know the gender. Like you, we decided not to find out. The skills of the operater were so good that even if she looked at that area I couldn't see anything. I also had a 4D scan (at 19 weeks) and again the operater asked if we knew the sex. We said we didn't want to know so she did it from the waist up.

If they don't ask you just prior to starting then it would be worth mentioning that you do not want to know.

Best wishes.

thanks for that ladies!

I'll make sure to make it well clear right from the beginning. It's so tempting though isn't it! I'm one of those that has a love/hate thing with surprises. I love them but I hate the suspense! This is going to be 5 months of torture I reckon lol.

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