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oh my aching........ Lock Rss

Has any one got a good cure for headaches??? Panadol just ain't workin for me and I've tried everyting I know of HHHHEEEELLLPPP!!!!!
I'm only 26 weeks so I have a few to look forward to I think sad


My friend is only about 10 weeks and she is getting headaches and migraines already. She got them the whole way through with her first.
She said drinking mineral water and always have something to eat helps her.
And the main thing is to get plenty of rest!

Good Luck with it!

Honey xox

hi there,
i get headaches alot and sometimes its a really big headache and i just need something stronger than panadol and i use nurofen or panadiene, i know you cant use nurofen but im sure you can use panadiene, just ask your chemist before you do, it always helps meand also a heat pack where it hurts, i usually get alot in my neck area. good luck and dont forget to rest as much as possible.

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

i found dark rooms, cold washer on my forehead and thick warm socks on. it takes the pressure off your head and the blod flows down to your feet. make sure you sleep when you can and try not to let alarms wake you up..they stress me and that starts my headache going!!1

thats what worked for me, hope it helps!!
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