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Cravings Lock Rss

Hi Girls,

I was just wondering what weird and wonderful things you have all been craving?

I was asked all the time what I was craving and I kept saying nothing. But then I realised that I cannot get enough potato. I'll have mash potato, potato bake, potato chips. LOL.

All my friends now think I'm nuts!

Would love to hear what everyone else is craving!

Luv Honey xox

me too!!!!! I luuurrrrvvveeeee potatoes

my biggest craving was fresh snow peas, i also craved a bit of cheese in the beginning which i cant stand, also craved crunchy red apples and i only liked milo but i had to have the milk sepperate and just eat the milo out of a bowl with a spoon, the 1 thing i couldnt stand when pregs was cooked rice which i normally love.

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

Yes, I have been craving pottoes as well, mashed, with gravy or creamy mushrooms. I have totally gone off the usual foods that my boyfriend love, stay chicken, and asian foods. I have to have thngs like crumbed snitzel, mushroom savuce and broccoli.
And fruit and yougurt seems to a big thing too, but htats a good thing I guess!
the first 16 weeks of my preg i craved bananas.... Banana milk, bananas, banana ice cream.... couldnt get enough.. now at 25 weeks, i cant stand the smell of them.

Now its just tomatoes....... smile

Sorry if i weird
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