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Is this true??? Rss

Hey everyone

Just wanted to know if anyone no if animals eg cats can sense that you are pregnant? I've heard a few people say it.. so just wanted to know what you girls think smile

Ds 17/10/06

I don't know for sure but judging by the fact that in the last few weeks my dog has become my little shadow, to the extent that if I don't close the tiolet door quick enough she will be in there and sitting at my feet while I go to the loo, I would say yes, or at least she defintiely knows something is up because she is acting really wierd.
hi i dont know if its true or not, but since i got pregnant my cat is always sitting on me an is like a little shadow, by me each time i go toilet an inside more, also he likes to lie on me with his head on my tummy or he has to always be as close to my tummy as he can.

I have to say as far as our cats are concerned, the bimbo tortoise shell doesn't seem to have noticed a thing but our gorgeous ginger boy climbs into bed with me nearly every morning and curls up against my belly, although I have to constantly remind him to face away from me otherwise prickly claws in the boobies can get a little uncomfortable. Anyway her curls up and purrs up a storm and I swear it vibrates right through you, that cat is so loud when he starts purring I reacon bubby must be thinking there is a lawn mower out to get them.

But the dog is still the one who gets me, I have taken to calling her Farty because she follows me around like a bad smell and just want to be picked up and cuddled all the time, lucky she is only little.
Hi Kamryn,
Do you have pets yourself? What have you found? I have two cats, and my Burmese boy won't leave me alone at the moment..he is a big lad, and sleeps at night all curled round my tummy. So yummy when its cold. smile . It may be my imagination but they do seem to be more attentive. I hope this meaqns that they will relate to the baby when he/she arrives,
Good to talk to you

Sophie, Melbourne, VIC, Lillee Cate born 12th Sept

I chuckled when I thought of this - my cats know something is different since they are spending alot more time cuddled on my lap but my bigger cat is more then happy to keep trying to jump ON my stomach when I'm laying down... sibling rivalry ?? lol. I think that animals can sense things that are different and I don't think pregnancy is much different (my opinion only!).

Ooh, I think this is true too, not that I am a pet owner, but I do watch daytime tv!!!!!!! I saw this story where a lady dog owner had a tumour in her stomach, and the dog kept growling at her stomach, after a couple of months of this behaviour, the woman went to her gp for some reason (not the dog growling I don't think), and during an examination, the tumour got discovered. When it wwas removed, the dog stopped growling!!!!

Strange but true!
hi my name is sally

iv heard that animals do sense that your pregnant

when i pregnant we had this cat that lived next door it was a male ginger cat and it used to be around me all the time, it would lay on my belly and feel the baby move.


Hey I think this is true along with babys and young children, They can sence things that we cant.

Mel, Bailey 30/3/03, Jaida 10/12/04 & EDD 3/3/07

Hi, I think it's true. I once read an article where a dog detected a cancerous growth in its owners kept growling at the owners tummy for months...then by chance the owner had tummy bug, went to the doctors and discovered the cancer!
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