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I am 12 wks pregnant with my first baby. I have just had my 12 week scan (nuchal test/bloods) which came back good. I was advised I am in the low risk group for having a baby with Downs. Due to my age being 35 next month - August, I would prefer to be entirely sure and have an Amniocentesis. The problem is a small risk of miscarriage. Can anyone who may be in this situation or knows someone who has had this test tell me how it went.
i am 22 and my test came back increased risk of downsyndrome 1 in 180 as compared to the normal 1 in 600 which is what you would be. I decided nto to go fro the amnio as 1 in 100 chance of miscarriage and i would prefer to not take the odds of losing what could very well be a healthy normal growing baby. for ur test to cpome back low u have pretty good odds that it doesnt have downsyndrome as they take ur age into account when they do the test. Would u really want to risk lossing ur baby for what are extremly good odds anyway?


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