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Hi All,

Just found this site today and it seems like a great site smile

I have a question i hope someone can answer.

The past 2 weeks i have been experiencing really bad groin pain and pressure and when i walk its extremely uncomfortable - feels like the head is wedged between the bones in my groin and they are aching and feel like they are being pulled apart to some degree.

Is anyone else thats due in November experiencing this sort of pain in the groin?

I havent had any sort of show yet but I am experiencing braxton hicks contractions frequently.

Is this sort of pressure/ pain in the groin common ? Is it possibly an indication that birth is not far away?


My baby is now almost 6 months but I had the same thing for about the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. I just felt this huge, heavy pressure that would ache if I walked for several minutes. My baby's head began to move into the pelvis 6 weeks before she was born and moved 1/5 a week. She was fully engaged 1 week before she was born (which was 2 days early). I guess the pressure is a sign that things are getting closer - maybe the baby's head is beginning to engage.

The last part of pregnancy is awkward and uncomfortable - I symapthise! I remember wishing the baby would come early so I could feel 'normal' again. However, once that little baby is born you will be busy, busy and having sleeps for no longer than 3-4 hours. Even thought you are excited to meet your baby I suggest you enjoy your rest while you can because once it all starts, it is very full on.

Good luck with it all. I hope the last part of your pregnancy goes fast for you (yeah, right). Let me know how you get on!
My baby is due on the 5th of nov. I am also experiencing groin pain. My Obstetrician said that the pain should settles down in 1 to 2 weeks its caursed by the baby pressure. My pain is very uncomfortable when Im sleeping at night and I need to then sit up or walk around. You can allways ring your maternity ward and talk to one of the midwifes if the pain is really bad.
My baby is due today!(7/11) not that i think its coming today. I've been experiencing the same thing for about 2 weeks and I'm still waiting - impatiently!
Wondering if you've had your baby yet

happy mum,vic,baby charlotte 17.11.03

Hello shelli!
I had groin pain in my prgnancy and it became really painful, i couldnt walk anywhere/ i also felt like i had spasms in my stomach like the baby was dancing although there couldnt have been to much room left for him to do that but thats how it felt, anyway one week latter my little boy was born he is now 7 weeks old!
Everyone is differant but id say it could be anyday now

cathy vic 3 and 4 month old

Hi Carlie
Thanks for weiting back, glad to know im not alone but wish i could have this baby. I'm now 5 days overdue and have tried everything to go into labour and nothing has worked! Hopefully today's the day

happy mum,vic,baby charlotte 17.11.03

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