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Amniocentesis Lock Rss

I received a call from the screening centre today that advised my baby is 1 in 100 for Down Syndrome. I am 26 YOA and I am really upset. I did not think I would be in a a high risk catergory.

Is there anyone else who has been in the same situation? Didyou have the tests?

Mandy, VIC, Mum of Hayley Born 02.06.05

Hi Mandy,

I just saw this post and wondered if you had the amniocentesis?
My heart goes out to you and I hope all is ok in the end run.

Sydney, BJ born 28.01.05 CJ born 17.08.06

No I have it on Friday 10.12.04. I am very scared, not just of the needle but more of the results.

I found out today that if it is Down Syndrome and we decide to terminate that I will need to deilver the baby. That would be so traumatic.

Fingers crossedall is ok!

Thanks for your interst, have you been through something similair?

Mandy, VIC, Mum of Hayley Born 02.06.05

How horrible for you Mandy. I'll cross my fingers for you. I'm due with my first baby too but I'm lucky that our tests have all be fine so far.

We do have a potential problem though and I could kill my husband (not literally) for being so slack that I've got to have it in the back of my mind the whole time. I am a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis (I found out a few years ago when my half-brother was diagnosed with it and we realised it was in the family). If my husband is also a carrier then we have a 1 in 4 chance of our baby having it and we could have had the baby tested and then made an informed decision.

If he is not a carrier then the baby can't have the disease but could be a carrier (which won't affect it at all unless it has babies with another carrier). Even before we were married I had been nagging my husband to have a blood test to see if he was a carrier. When I got pregnant I increased the pressure on him but he still hasn't done anything about it! They do routine tests for CF soon after birth so I try not to think about it because there is nothing we can do now but wait and see. It is scary though especially now that they are really pushing CF awareness through the triathlon (it may just be a NZ thing so you'll have no idea what I'm on about but there are TV ads all the time!).

Good luck with your test. Try not to worry too much because everything may all be fine! I'll be thinking of you that day and until you get the results.

Mum to Caitlin & Owain

Hi Mandy,

I will be thinking of you today. I am having my Down's screen tests done this morning. So I'll find out shortly whether or not, I too, need to have any further testing.

My partner already has a Down Syndrome child to his ex wife, so I don't know that we could cope with another. I know that sounds horrible, but what can I say? Although my obstetrician and numerous other specialists have told me that Downs is only maternal and nothing to do with the father, it still plays in the back of my mind, particularly as we have my partner's son every second weekend.

Good luck today and please let us know how it goes.

Barb - Daughter born 26/06-05 No# 2 due 17 Sep 06

Hi Mandy,

I feel for you. My husband and I went through your situation ourselves, 8and a half years ago, when I was 19 and pregnant with our second child.

My screening test also came back high risk for Downs Syndrome. At first we didnt really comprehend it i think!

Our doc 1st sent us for ultrasound,(as they can tell if they get a clear enough picture of the creases in the hands, etc) but, the day we went, the equiptment was playing up and they couldnt get a clear pic!

We were then booked for the amnio the very next day, and had also been told, like you, that if it was positive, and we decided to terminate, that we would have to deliver the baby. It was the most frightened I have ever remembered feeling in my life!

In our case, it turned out well. My dates were wrong, which made it inaccurate for the time it had been taken..or something like that, I cant really remember...I just remember feeling elated that everything was ok!

We have a beautiful, healthy big-brown-eyed, princess who just turned 8...

All the best!

Tina, mum to Jake, Tylah & Jayden smile

Hi Mandy,

Well by now you have had the test & although you probably dont know the result yet, I am thinking of you & I hope that the results give you the all clear. No I haven't it, my test result from the U/S came back low risk, I had already discussed it with hubby & what we would do if it was.
Please let us know how it turns out, thinking of you till then.

Sydney, BJ born 28.01.05 CJ born 17.08.06

Hi my 11 week scan test showed a very thick spinal area. So this with my blood test came back with a reading of 1 in 12 for Down syndrome or other syndromes which they test for. I got the call at work and frecked out. I was 26 years old and healthy! My hubby and I went straight to the ultrasound place ( who was next to my OB ) and after speaking to both we had a CVS (Amniocentesis couldn't be done as i was only 11 weeks pg). A CVS removes DNA from the placenta rather than ambiotic fluid.

We had the test on a friday and it was the hardest weekend of my life. I just ate and ate so try and pass the time. The CVS itself had a miscarrage rate of 1 in 100 so I had rest and take it easy.

The procedure itself was very scary but the ultrasound DR was so nice and kept me calm, i couldn't watch as the needle went in. It wasn't really painfull but its the feeling of the unknown.

Anyway, on the Monday morning the phone call came, my hubby took the call and he wooped for joy at finding out we were going to have a healthy baby girl! ( we asked to find out the sex )

So I hope it all goes well for you, keep positive,

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your stories. They have been so encouraging and kept me positive.

I had the amnio on Friday. My sister and husband came with me. When they put the needle in the baby went straight to it... so they had to remove the needle and do it again. The second time hurt a little more.

They got what they needed and then it was done. My husband and sister where great. Really supportive and made sure I didn't exert myself one bit.

We paid extra for a FICH or FISH test to be done, so I know the results now......... All is fine... we have a healthy baby girl!!! I am so happy we found out yesterday. I had the best sleep I have had in weeks last night... It was great, I couldn't bear to wait 10 -15 days.. The stress was terrible...

I am looking forward to the pregnancy and can now enjoy the experience..... Thanks again everyone, you have all been great!!!

Mandy, VIC, Mum of Hayley Born 02.06.05

I'm so happy for you! It must be such a relief to know that all is well and you really can just enjoy your pregnancy now. Good for you!

Mum to Caitlin & Owain

Congratulations! That is wonderful news!!

Barb - Daughter born 26/06-05 No# 2 due 17 Sep 06

I am so happy for you!! I hope that the rest of your pregnancy is smooth sailing..
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