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  5. Has anyone been told at there ultrasound that they were having a girl and then you ended up with a boy???

Has anyone been told at there ultrasound that they were having a girl and then you ended up with a boy??? Lock Rss

maybe in the cases that the technician was wrong they haven't really had a clear view and the baby hasn't been sitting in the right spot.

If they have a clear view and you are far enough along they shouldn't get it wrong! when people have been told you have a 80% chance of having this baby they are obviously not certain and are guessing!

A good ultrasound person would know what they are talking about I would think

melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

yes i was told there was a 90% chance i was having a boy 4 times (i had 4 ultrasounds after 12 weeks..preggas) and i was told by 4 diff people i was having a boy GUESS WHAT i had a girl. all our friends were the same they got told they were having a girl and had a boy and boy was a girl... in 90% of the cases of our friends.

i KNEW i was having a girl i felt i was having a girl... and I was right

good luck


Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

I wished I read this post before I had my twins. I didn't even think that they could get it wrong these days. We weren't told what % - we were simply told we were having two boys at 19 weeks and I never thought of asking them to check in subsequent ultrasounds. We ended up with a girl and a boy. It was the best surprise ever! We were hoping for a girl and a boy, so we didn't mind at all that they made a mistake. And I loved going out and getting pretty pink stuff.

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

I have heard of the ultra sound verdict being wrong. A neighbour was surpose to be having a girl, but end up having a boy, and had to return all the pinks for blues. it was ashame because she really wanted a little girl. but now is very happy with 2 boys to love. Let us know what you have. ; )

Ren, Qld, 2yr boy

My sonographer said she is leaning towards me having a girl. My friend was told at her ultrasound she was having a girl, and ...... she had a boy! So, I'm not banking on my baby definitely being a girl. I have to have another u/s in my third trimester as I have a low lying placenta, so am going to ask again then. My sweet partner made a good point, if we do have pink clothes, and as babies grow so quickly, who care if a little boy is in pink when he first comes home? He won't know the difference if he is happy and, you can always just wear up the pink things around the house when no-one sees him if you're embarrassed. I thought this comment silly, but true and practical. If you've kept the receipts as I'm going to, you should be right. Besides, as long as the baby is healthy and happy, no matter what sex it is, it won't care what colour it's clothes are, I wouldn't think.

Hey, maybe someone could start a topic on who has the wrong coloured clothing for the sex of their babies and can't return them, and maybe have an swapping of clothes group??? Send them to each other?

Barb - Daughter born 26/06-05 No# 2 due 17 Sep 06

ive juist had my 18/20wks scan and the sonographer said she was 99.9% sure that we r having a boy, she has been a sonographer for 12 years and has only ever got 1 wrong!!! and both my man and i could definatly see he was boy!!!!!!! he was showing the world, legs spread!!! haha
so im 100% SURE THAT HES A BOY!!

Hi Emma,

I found out with both my sons that I was having boys and they were. I'm waiting for my to have my 18week scan for this one.
Every one I know that has found out have been right.
Good luck
Hi Emma,
You've probably found out for sure by now!
My suggestion if you do have a boy and have lots of pink stuff... get some clothing dye and recolour the bedding (try it on the cheaper sheets first just in case!). Some blue dye on pink should give you a purply colour. I bought mainly whites, yellows and greens just in case I was planning #2 and had a baby girl (#1 bub is a boy).
Anyway, after the first few weeks, you'll have fewer visitors, and I'm sure bub won't mind sleeping in pink!

Sept 04 baby boy & Dec 06 baby girl

Hi ...

I'm a little worried about this also ... at my 19 week Ultrasound, the sonographer told me " It looks like a girl" and I've been excitedsince and brought alot of Pink girly things ( But I've kept all the tags and receipts) I'm just a little weary that this baby is a girl ... I feel like the baby is a girl but I'm not sure if its wishful thinking or pure instinct ...

I'd love a baby girl ... and this would fullfill DH & DS dreams But as long as he/she is healthy, taht's what really counts at the end of the day.

If you do end up with a boy, Most shops will be willingly to exchange things for you providing you have the tag / receipts ...

I'm sure it'll all work out ...


scarily enough they can be wrong :\

my cousin had an amnio and was told she was having a girl. she had a scan at around 24 weeks and then 32 weeks (im not too sure what for) and the sonographer told her both times that she was having a boy! obviously the amnio is the only guaranteed answer but it was scary to think that two different sonographers got it wrong. i think alot of it depends on the skill level of the person doing the scan. if they cant get a good view they generally dont say anything. i got told at my 19 week scan that "in her best medical opionion im having a girl" my mum asked wether her best medical opinion advised going out and buying a whole heap of pink stuff and she said it doesnt matter how clear the images are they'll never ever tell you 100% one way or the other cause theres always room for error but that if my baby turned out to be a boy she'd be dumbfounded as there were absolutley no trace of boybits, just the three lines which apparently indicate a girl. i think take what they say but always be prepared for a little suprise when it comes to the birth.
I had my scan at 20 weeks and she said *well i can't see any bits in between its legs so it's possibly a girl* ...and i was so happy with that but i should have asked more questions and got her to show me on the ultrasound...and then i thougt about it after and it worried me and then heard heaps of stories of them being wrong...

So i have been a little panicked myself lately considering i have heaps of pink clothes, only have a girls name and have all my sister inlaws clothes..

Im having a 3d/4d scan at 31 weeks so if they were wrong then hopefully she would be able to tell then.

It does make me nervous i must admitt

Although i do have a feeling im having a girl...(could be wishful thinking though) and a physic also said a girl

I know how you fell I couldn't believe it when I was told 2 times I was having a girl. I went and had a 3D scan at 30 weeks to make sure it was a girl and she showed me the 3 lines that little girls have and she said here is he vulva!!, after 3 boys I really needed to be 100% sure.

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