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Hi, Im currently 34 weeks pregnant and getting real bad braxton hicks pains all the time..I am suffering from a UTI infection atm and the widwife said that can irritate my uterus and give me braxton hicks..I get them all day long about 5 mins apart..Has anyone else ever had braxton hicks that frequent?? Ive had them for about a week now..

Kylie,Qld,4yrold Thomas & 18mthold Brooklyn

I have in a previous pregnancy,but they got better once the infection was sorted. Have you contacted your midwife about them?

mel,nz,3 cool kids

Hi Giggles,
thanks for your reply.. I saw the midwife on friday night..she put me on a monitor but by the time i'd gotten up the hospital my braxton hicks had slowed down a bit.. I was only on the monitor for about 20 mins.. She then checked my urine and thats hwo i found out i still had the infection.. I ony just had finished the antibiotics the doc had put me on but I was silly and didnt take them properly so I would say thats why i got it worse this time round..Going to see the GP tonigh and see what he says as m Obstet is on holidays..
Were your braxton hicks frequent and did they go on for hours??And how far along were u when u got them??
thanks Kylie

Kylie,Qld,4yrold Thomas & 18mthold Brooklyn

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