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Cruel Comments (just venting:) Rss

Hi all,

Took out my darling stepson today (which we havnt seen in 4 weeks) and the first thing he said was, "gee, you are either all baby or your just heaps fat" which i thought was a little deflating but shrugged it off and we went on our merry way. Then about 2 hrs later, he replied " so are you wearing normal clothes" when i replied no, im wearing maternity clothes and explained that they are the same size as my normal clothes only they have room for my growing bump, He replied with. "so are they your obese clothes or just fat clothes? " Im a little offended by this as he is 13 and i am a little chubby( normally a size 14) and he has always mentioned this. Im only 22 weeks pregnant and only just starting to get a bump...... but im trying my hardest to show it off cause Im proud to have a bump! Anyways, im just having a rant and ill get over it!

I feel a little better now i have got it off my chest:)

Thanks for listening!!!!!


Kristy mum to jamie and 4 month old imogen

hi kristy,
its not nice is not very nice when people say stuff like that.
when my nan asks my mum how i am going my mum replies "fat"...i know she is only joking when she says it but somedays you just do not want to hear it.
also lately when i see my sister whos is 4yrs older than me and has always been smaller than me she says how you going fatty arbuckle....and again i know this is a joke and dont let either of them know it does bother me sometimes.

i to am very proud of my bump but i have also put on 20kgs and wasnt exactly tiny to begin with.

maybe you could ask your husband to say something to your step it really is not nice...especially when you say he has always said things like it maybe his mum putting those things in his head?maybe she is jealous.

so yea rant away lol i intended my reply to make you feel better but i ended up ranting on as well hehe.

hope you fell better:)smile
awww hun feel free to vent about it all u like lol i know i would be...

its funny because im 6ft tall and before 32 weeks my belly looked quite small for that time (even though i measured correctly) Women would always say, "oh you're so small!" I started to take it like my baby wasnt healthy or that they thought I wasnt doing something right.
I was a size 10 and now im buying size 14 undies. One lady I worked with hadnt seen me in a while and she said "oh look at that, you've put on lots of weight all around your face" then added "but it looks good though" Im lucky I dont get offended easily, I just laughed that she had the nerve to say that!
I dont know why people feel they have to mention your weight, especially women who have been there before and have had children. They of all people should realise how it feels!
It feels good to vent!
I didn't get any comments when I was pregnant but I only got the huge baby belly and the rest of me looked liked I was gonna fall ass over my belly!

As for poeple that are posting they have put on weight during their pregnancy STOP WATCHING YOUR WEIGHT!!! I can understand that this may be difficult but you are now the life support for your unborn baby so relax, take it easy, stay active and eat right and if you still put on weight don't worry becuase unless your eating fatty foods everyday the chances are your putting on weight to help maintain a healthy pregnancy smile

When poeple comment on your weight due to pregnancy just say "I'm a pregnant mother and I'm not going to starve myself and my unborn baby just so I meet your expectations".
Hey Kristy,

Thats a rude little stepson you have, He is 13 and understands how the baby thing works so there is no need to be a smartarse about it. I have a 15 year old cosin that is like that but if he ever said anything disrespectful like that id tell him to straighten up and not be rude, your having a baby and with everything your body and mind is going through you dont need the exta strain of been spoken like that by your stepson, I hope this doesn't happen alot as it would be an extra emotional starin on you you dont need to put up with while been pregnant.

Congratulations and god luck

Mel, Bailey 30/3/03, Jaida 10/12/04 & EDD 3/3/07

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