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don't feel pregnant! Rss

I am 14 weeks pregnant and since my morning sickness stopped i don't feel pregnant. Is there anyone else who feels like this?
Hi Bec,

My name is Naomi i am due in 3 weeks, i remember feeling that way as well... it's normal i think.

it took me ages to actually feel pregnant but when i had that first U/S at 13 weeks it relieved me because there was proof that there was actually a baby growing inside.

but it wasn't until i started showing that it did start to feel more real... and trust me when that baby starts to move around, it will be the best feeling in the world... but unfortunately it's a matter of patience.

good luck, i know this isn't much help for you atm, but it will get better.


I just want to say what is the feeling of been pregnant? It is someting thats happening and everybody feels differantly throughout our pregnancys and so its not a fact of oh i feel pregnant because I dont think there is such a thing. I have felt like this isnt true and I dont believe there is a baby growing inside me I have heard the heartbeat and still it all seems soreal. Once your baby starts kicking the crap outta you you might have a change of heart. But I think its all in our minds if we feel pregnant because we are and this is how we feel when pregnant. It shouldnt have to change how we felt before.

The only reason I feel pregnant is because i feel heavier look very rounded in the belly and my legs ache its not a I feel pregnant its more I feel heavy. This is just me and everyone is differant.

Congratulations and good luck with everything
Take care
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I'm about 12 weeks pregnant and I don't feel pregnant either, you're supposed to start feeling pregnant when you start getting a bigger tummy and the bub starts moving around inside you.

Congrats with your pregnancy,

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