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I am 33 weeks and I was just wondering whether anybody has had any trouble with wanting to go to the toilet to wee and finding that when you go you have to push to make anything come out. Could this be a sign that I have an infection and have to get this treated? Also about a week ago I had bad contractions that were obviously Braxton Hicks but when I went to the toilet and wiped I noticed that I had a pinkish spot. Could this be related or could this be the start of me dialating?



Yes i get the bladder stoppage alot. For me, its my baby pushing on my bladder and cutting off the urethra. I just move a little on the toilet and then i can get the rest out. I like have a little wiggle and move back then forward again and i can normally finish the wee.

But if it stings or burns when it comes out then it is a sign of infection.

Not sure about the pinkish spot.

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I'd go to the doctor's and tell them about this. I had the same prob when I was preg where I had the urge but had to force it out and then after giving birth I had to wear a catheter for 10 days because I couldn't wee at all and they drained 2000ml out.
I would say that your problem is problerly the baby sitting in the wrong spot but the pinkish spoting could be the plug starting to come away, If you think there may be a problem just see your doctor as the urine test is very easy to see if there is a infection and it can be treated easily, But as you are only 33 weeks and having the pinkish spotting as a sing of the plug coming away you should try to rest as much as possible to try to prevent going preterm. Just a little mind ease, I was dilating for a few weeks before the birth of my first baby.

Enjoy the last few weeks before becoming a mum, get as much sleep as you can.

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