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Hi there

I had my appointment with the midwife yesterday. Thankfully everything seems to be progressing well.

I am almost 32 weeks and my bub is breech with it's feet down still. The midwife assured me that there is still plenty of time for it to turn itself and that she is not 'too concerned just yet'. She said if in 4-6 wks it is still bum down we will have to look at the Doc turning it for me.

What I was wondering though is if there are any ladies out there who are also still breech or have still been breech at this stage and if bub turned itself no worries? Also has anyone had the Doc turn their bub for them? I have heard it is painful and can distress baby... as she said I am not too worried yet as there is still heaps of time but was just curious if anyone else has experienced it.

hi there,

I've heard that swimming is meant to help turn the baby if that's any help to you.


I am 31 weeks pregnant and my baby is in the breech position also although my ob too did assure me that the baby will most likely be turned by my next appointment.

There are websites you can go to that advise you of some light exercises that are supposed to help the baby turn around.

As far as i know its normal for the baby to start turning at this stage so try not to worry too much and goodluck at your next appointment.

My second DD was breech from about 32 weeks. She was head down for most of the appoitments leading up to my 33 week scan but at 32 weeks she went head up. People told me there was still time for bub to turn but the sonographer laughed this off, obviously he thought otherwise. Some babes do turn from this point on so keep your fingers crossed. I don't want to dissapoint you I'm just sharing this because of the situation I found myself in. Bub didn't turn at all and I had to have a c-section 2 weeks early. I spent the entire reamainder of my pregnancy after I found out she was breech, trying to turn her. I laid upside down off the edge of the bed for hours a day every day massaging my tummy, using music, everything you can think of trying to get her to turn. Every appointment I went to I would come home dissapointed with yet still a breech baby. I was given the option of a breech birth or turning the baby at 36=37 weeks but was told that there could be complications such as internal bleeding, or even braing damage. I opted for the safer solution which was a c-section. Thank goodness I did as bubby was really struggling inside, my placenta had had it and if it would been another week my ob said she might not have made. She might not have survived if I attempted a natural breech birth and would have had major problems if I tried turning her as she was really weak. In the end I had a healthy baby thank goodness, she was a petite 5lbs 12oz thanks to my calcified placenta. Anyway, if bub doesn't turn just try to enjoy your pregnancy. I wish I didn't waste it by fretting over something I couldn't control. The ob told me babies are usually breech for a reason. I didn't believe him when he told me this before the c-section but thought I should listen to what he says, it is his profession. Luckily I did as he was right. If i'd taken any other action I might not have my beautiful daughter.

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Hey Kel,

Congratulations and good luck with your last few weeks of pregnancy, I was worried when at 36 weeks my daughter was still breach, at my 35 week appointmen I was told that if she hadn't turned during the week that at 36 weeks we would book for the C-section at 38 weeks, The night before my appointment to book in for the C-section, she started to turn but it seemed she couldn't get the whole way around as she was getting stuck about half way, My husband and I helped her turn, as she was half way we just help nudge her the rest of the way until she poped into posion. I was told to keep an eye on it to make sure she didn't turn back to breach and she didnt but was born only 6 days later.

Im sure bub will turn around when ready as some babys dont like been head first for a long period of time. I would think it will happen within mabe 3 or 4 weeks so bub can streach properly ready for birth, If not there is always the option of a C-section as they will not deliver breach babys natural these days. Bub will be born the way s/he is ment to so everything will turn out wonderfully as long as s/he is safe and haeathy its sucessful.

Good luck and relax sweety it will all be fine.
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